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The QCY T4 are the very latest earplugs from the emerging brand QCY. They are not available anywhere else in the Netherlands yet. These wireless earbuds are super light in weight, but a heavy weight in terms of sound. They are perfect as all-round earplugs. Handy for at home: (while cooking, working or vacuuming) and outside (while walking the dog, running or on the road).

With the HQ speakers, the QCY T4 has surprisingly full sound. The low and mid tones come out nicely. You can therefore perfectly listen to music with these earphones. You can also properly set the balance in the handy QCY app.

Microphone: clear telephone conversations
The microphone in earbuds is at least as important as the sound. The QCY T4 have very high quality microphones built into both earbuds. So you can make calls with only 1 earbud. With the T4, nothing prevents you from having a good conversation with your conversation partner.

The earplugs are only 4.5 grams! That is truly unique in ear plug land. Because they are so light, they sit comfortably in the ears. These are the only 4.5 gram earplugs that can give a nice full sound.

The operation of the QCY T4 works with buttons. And that works very easily. You only have to put your finger against the buttons and the button is already pressed.

With the powerful bluetooth 5.0 connection, the music flows smoothly to you at the highest quality. No annoying hitches during use. The range is also very large. The earplugs know how to find your phone up to 15 meters. In short: if you put your phone in the middle of your house, you have coverage throughout your house.

Download the handy QCY app
With the QCY app (downloadable for iPhone and Android) you have full control over your earbuds.

With the app you can:

  • set the treble and bass
  • view battery percentages of each earbud and of the charging case
  • Find your earbuds with GPS

So you have all the luxury options at your disposal for a great price. That is exceptional about the earplugs from QCY.

PAU bluetooth 5.0: economical and powerful
Because of the brand new PAU bluetooth 5.0 chipset, the earbuds have minimal delay. The chipset is also extremely economical with energy. This means you can listen to music even longer with the same number of mAh battery capacity.

- 2x wireless earbuds (left & right)
- 1x charging box
- 3x ear with different fits
- 1x manual (English, but you can always ask us about the operation via WhatsApp)
- 1x cable: micro usb (to charge the charging box)

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