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Beautiful sound, a clear microphone and lightning-fast connection that even gamers will be satisfied with. The QCY T5 wireless bluetooth earphones give you the very best listening experience in its price range. Experience the sound now and listen to your favorite music or podcast where and when you want.

The T5 is one of the newest models from QCY
And you notice that during use.

✔️ Beautiful full sound
✔️Clear microphone
✔️Rightly fast Realtek chipset
✔️Fine fit
✔️Best tested QCY earphones

Playing time of the QCY T5 

You can listen to music for 4 hours with these earplugs. Then place the earbuds back in the charging box. The earplugs click magnetically into the box. Your earplugs are then protected and closed and they are charged! Your charging box has 25 (!) Hours of listening pleasure.

The QCY T5 has a good microphone
The sound may seem like the most important thing when purchasing your earplugs. Until the moment you receive a call. Then the other must be able to hear you properly. That is why we thoroughly test the microphone of every type of earplug that we sell at Eardopes. These earbuds have a clear microphone.

The design clearly takes the microphone into account. After all, the earplugs focus on your mouth. And the microphone is placed at the bottom.

Touch control
With a gentle tap on your earbud, you have full control over your earbuds. That is so comfortable. Other earbuds have buttons that you have to press. Since the earbuds are in your ear, you don't want to press too hard on your ear to play the next song. You can easily operate this T5 with a gentle tap.

  • 1 touch: nothing, because sometimes you want to place the earplug properly in your ear.
  • 2 touches: pause / play
  • 3 touch: game mode on / off (right earbud)
  • long touch: next track (right) previous track (left)

Game mode
The T5 have the blazing fast Realtek chipset. This ensures a very fast connection. So fast that even gamers use these earplugs. Gamers want the lowest possible latency between the picture and the sound. And the QCY T5 thus meets this high speed requirement. You also see no delay when watching videos and films. You turn on the game mode by tapping the right earbud three times.

With the QCY app (downloadable for iPhone and Android) you have full control over your earbuds. Is this an important feature for you? Then don't go for the QCY T5, but for the QCY T4.

With the app you can:

  • set the treble and bass
  • view battery percentages of each earbud and of the charging case
  • Find your earbuds with GPS

So you have all the luxury options at your disposal for a great price. That is exceptional about the earplugs from QCY.

Auto pairing
Remove the wireless earbuds from the charging case and they are already connected to your phone. The Realtek chipset connects very quickly. Ideal for everyday use.

Usage: 4 hours
Earbud battery: 43 mAh
Charging case battery: 380 mAh
Bluetooth: version 5.0
Waterproof: ipx4
Range: 10+ meters

 In  the package
- 2x wireless earbuds
(left & right)
- 1x charging box
- 3x ear with different fits
- 1x manual 

- 1x cable: micro usb
(to charge the charging box)

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