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The QCY T6 is more stable in your ears than any other earbud. With the handy adjustable anti-slip bow that goes around your ear, the QCY T6 cannot fall out. That makes them very suitable for on the road, during sports, but also at home. With the HQ speakers you get beautifully full sound. Do you receive a call? Then you can speak to the caller wirelessly with the T6. So you can use the T6 in any situation.

Listening to music and calling for 6 hours
Thanks to the large battery, you can use the earbuds for 6 hours at a time. And that is useful for everyday use. Then you store the earplugs and then you can use them again for 6 hours. This is possible 5 times in total. So you can listen to music for 30 hours without using a wire!

These tws (true wireless stereo) come with a charging box. The box automatically charges the earbuds when you put them away. The box even has 600 mAh. That means that there is hardly ever a wire involved.

Stable connection
The earbuds have a range of 10 to 15 meters. This means that if you place your phone or laptop in the middle of the house, you have coverage throughout the house. Even while running or walking, the connection remains stable thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 chip in the T6.

Touch controls
With the touch controls how you just tap on your earbud to operate them. Do you receive a call on the way? Just touch and you pick up your phone. Just leave your phone in your pocket, because you don't need it anymore. Even if you want to play the next song, you can do that with the touch controls. Is someone saying something to you and do you want to pause your music? No problem. You touch your earbud for a moment and the music pauses. This way, the earplugs are your assistant in every situation.

The QCY T6 can withstand water
Especially in the open air it is useful if the earplugs can withstand water. That is why the earplugs have the IPX4 quality mark. That means they are splash proof.

Download the app from QCY
With the app you can set the equalizer and you get a nice popup. You can also see exactly the battery percentage of the earbuds. This way you will never be faced with surprises. You can also download the manual in the app. But of course you also get it with the product.

In the box
- 2x wireless earplugs
(left & right)
- 1x charging box
- 3x earpieces with different fits
- 1x manual
(English, but you can always ask us via WhatsApp about how it works)
- 1x cable: micro usb (to charge the charging box)


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