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SoundPEATS is known for its high quality and sleek design. With the Trueshift2, SoundPEATS is raising the bar higher than ever. The earplugs have a beautiful and ergonomic design and the sound is better balanced than ever. Never before did your earbuds have to charge so little, because with 3000mAh (!) In the charging case, you can listen to music when and where you want it.

Sound quality of the Trueshift2
If you listen to your favorite music through the SoundPEATS Trueshift2, you will get a wonderful listening experience. The earbuds have a super fast processing speed with the AB1536U chipset. As a result, the sound enters you in very good quality. The earplugs seal very well in your ears. This allows the beautiful low tones to be guided into your ear as well as possible.

Good microphone for a good telephone conversation
The microphone meets all requirements. An HQ microphone is placed in both earbuds so that your conversation partner can hear you well. Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that your earbuds don't have a good microphone. At Eardopes, we thoroughly test the microphone of each brand of earplug before we include the product in our range. These SoundPEATS Trueshift2 passed our test well.

Waterproof: IPX7
It is a luxury that these SoundPEATS have the IPX7 certificate. That means that you can keep the earplugs 2 meters under water for an hour.

Key Specifications

Bluetooth version 5.0
Chipset Airoha AB1536U
Codec SBC
Range 10 meters
Total playing time 102 hours
Use earplugs 6 hours
Charging time earplugs 2 hours
Charging time charging box 4 hours
Number of 100% loads 16 times
Output 5V / 1A
Waterproofness IPX7

What you get
2x Earplug (left and right)
1x Charging case (3000 mAh)
3x Silicone, ear tips (left and right)
1x usb -c cable (20 cm)
1x user manual (Extensive, but in English)

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