Haylou GT1 Plus Review: The small size is the plus

The Haylou GT1 Plus are according to many the best wireless earbuds of Haylou. These earbuds are very popular in China and surrounding countries. The bluetooth earphones are as light as a feather at 3.9 grams per earbuds. They are great, but the touch controls could be better. We are not giving away more information. Just read this Haylou GT1 Plus review from Eardopes.

Specificaties Haylou GT1 Plus

  • Price: between $ 30-40
  • Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3020
  • Codec: AptX, AAC
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Weight: 3.9 grams!
  • Operation: touch controls
  • Reach: 10 million
  • Battery box: 310 mAh
  • Earbud battery: 35 mAh
  • Cable: Micro usb
  • Waterproof: IPX 5 (water and dust resistant)

Tja, het eerste dat echt opvalt is het gewicht. We hebben niet eerder draadloze oordopjes getest met een gewicht per oordop dat lager is dan 4 gram. 

Sound from the Haylou GT1 Plus  

Sound quality score: 6.5

In general, the rule applies: the lighter and smaller the earbuds, the less bass will come out of the earbud. And that rule holds up in principle with every test. Also in this test. The heavy tones and the mids don't come through nicely enough to really enjoy music.

Of course, the lack of real sound quality is also included in the price you (not) pay. When manufacturing, a very compact size and low weight were clearly chosen. But in this section of the review, we'll be assessing the sound, and we note that there really is room for improvement.

Compare this for example with the QCY T4 of approximately the same price range. The earbuds may be bigger, they have buttons (no touch ), but the sound is really a level higher. Haylou GT1 Plus makes up for it in other areas. The weight makes the wearing comfort unrivaled. More on that later.

Haylou GT1 review oordopjes TWS

Microphone: you can make good calls with the Haylou GT1 Plus

Microfoon score: 7,5

The earbuds each have 1 microphone. No more and no less than we expected for the price. But the performance does surprise us a bit.

The microphone performs better than other earbuds in its price range. You are very well understood by a caller. There is a small echo in your voice, but we will accept that. The most important thing is that we are very intelligible.

Where the Haylou GS1 Plus really excels is when ambient noise is added. Strangely enough, your conversation partner is not bothered by the noise that occurs in your environment. And that is exceptional. We are in any case a fan of this microphone. Certainly for this price range.

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Fit: how do the Haylou GT1 plus fit?

The Haylou GT1 Plus are the smallest and lightest earbuds we've tested so far.

Weight 3.9 grams
Size 1x1,3x2 cm

Due to the size (or rather: the small size) of the earbuds, they hardly ever get in the way of your ear. In addition, the earbuds does not lean in your ear due to the super low weight. That makes the earbuds really very comfortable. You hardly notice that there are ears in your ears. A big plus of this Haylou GT1 Plus.

Fit: 9

It also makes the earphones very suitable for children and people with smaller ears.

Grootte Haylou GT1 pasvorm kleine oordopjesSee here (compared to a USB cable) how small the GT1 Plus are

Operation of the earbuds

The Haylou GT1 Plus have (just like the GT1 Pro and the GT1) touch control . The GT2 (which came out earlier than the GT1) have buttons.

Operation: 5

Because the earbuds are very small, you want to place them in your ears every now and then. Especially if you just put them in. But if you touch the earbuds once, your music will pause. "Hey, but I didn't want that! I just wanted to put them in my ear"

Haylou GT1 Plus Review

Music pauses on first touch

Even if you just touch 1 earbud, your music will pause unwanted. And you cannot manually adjust the functions of the touch control. This is possible with, for example, many QCY earbuds.

With earbuds that you only have to touch once to pause your music, we get a lot of customer questions at Eardopes. Often people do not understand that the touch control has been touched and they think that the earplug is malfunctioning.

And it's a shame because touch control can be very useful and functional. But for us it is a requirement that the earphones have no action when touched once. Think of the Eardopes B6 Pro. You can place it in your ear without restraint, without pausing your music.

How does the Haylou GT1 Plus touch control work?

Links Right
1x Music: pause / play Music: pause / play
2x Previous song / movie
Calling: record / hang up
Next song / movie
Call: record / hang up
3x Voice assist / Siri Voice assist / Siri
1 sec. Reject incoming call Reject incoming call

4+ sec.

Disable / Enable Disable / Enable

Volume cannot be adjusted with touch

One of the most common actions used in operation is to adjust the volume. And don't let that control sit on the Haylou GT1 Plus.

We did find a workaround. If you press the touch 3 times, voice assist will turn on. You say: "volume up" or "volume at 40 percent". But that's not possible in every situation. If you do that on a train, you will be reported to the conductor in no time. And of course we don't want that.

Furthermore, we are not always able to press the touch 3 times. At least: the printing works, but we don't get Siri / voice assist. So with 3 presses, the next song was played (so the earbuds thought we had pressed twice).

Haylou GT1 Plus review

Battery: How long can you use the earbuds?

Haylou heeft in deze oordopjes de QCC3020 chipsetbuilt-in. That's a good budget chipset from Qualcomm. The chip supports AptX and ACC. But the chipset also affects the useful life.

The Haylou GS1 Plus is very efficient with the battery. And that's because of that chipset. The earbuds each have a 43 mAh battery capacity. And that's (given the size) a lot.

Battery: 7

The most battery-consuming activity - namely calling - these bluetooth earphones can last 3.5 hours according to the user manual. And that is enormously long.

You can listen to music for 5 hours with one charge. That is longer than all its brothers (GS1 pro GS1). Only the charging case of the GS1 Plus (310 mAh) is smaller than the GS1 Pro (800 mAh). This means that in total you can use the Pro version more without charging the case. Well, the choice is yours.

The charging box of the Haylou GT1 Plus is a lot smaller than the (already small) QCY T4. And the T4 from QCY has 90 mAh more battery.

alle onderdelen van Haylou GT1 Plus in doos unbox

Charging case of the Haylou GS1 Plus

The charging case of the Haylou GS1 Plus has 310 mAh. That's less than its brother the Haylou Gs1 pro. But the GS1 Plus is a lot more efficient with electricity. This is due to the Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset. The Pro version contains a Realtek chipset and it consumes a little more energy.

The charging case of the Haylou GS1 Plus cannot be charged wirelessly. But there are hardly any bluetooth earphones in this price range (except QCY T2C) that have wireless charging.

The same goes for micro usb. We think it is an absolute plus (what's in the name?) If the charging case of wireless earbuds have USB-C instead of Micro USB. BUT micro usb is still very popular with manufacturers. That is most likely due to the costs. Micro USB is just a bit cheaper.

Conclusion: are the Haylou GT1 Plus any good?

Sound 6.5
Microphone 7.5
Fit 9
Battery 7
Control 5
Stability 7


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Haylou GT1 Plus vs. other earbuds

Which earbuds do you want us to compare the GS1 plus with? Let us know in the comments and we'll get started.

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