QCY T7 Review

QCY is the number 3 earbuds manufacturer of our planet and they are growing everyday. Their newest model: QCY T7 tws wireless earbuds look somewhat similar to the Airpods 2. And this is not just any alternative. With these earbuds you get all features that you normally only expect from the high-end models. And that's great, but are the sound and the microphone good? You find it out in this review of the QCY T7 earphones. 

Specifications QCY T7

  • Price: around $20
  • Bluetooth: 5.1
  • Reach: 10m
  • In ear sensor: yes
  • GPS: yes
  • Change name in phone: yes
  • Battery case: 380mAh
  • Battery earbud: 35mAh
  • Usage time: 4 hours
  • Calling: 2 hours
  • Kabel: usb c (eindelijk)
  • Waterdicht: IPX4 (spatwaterdicht: is beschermd tegen opspattend water)

Sound quality of the QCY T7 

Sound quality score: 7.5

Let's start with the sound. To judge that in a fair way, you have to take into account that these are semi in-ear earbuds. These are earbuds that you place in your ear close to your ear canal, but not as deep aswith earphones with a silicone ear tip.

You can generally expect less deep and heavy sound from semi in-ears than from in-ear earbuds. Fortunately, the sound of the semi in-ears gets better and better. And we noticed that when testing the QCY T7.

You also hear more ambient noise. This is because the earbuds are hard and therefore do not adapt to the size of your ear canal as complete in-ear earphones do. With fully in-ear earbuds the ambient sound does not have any chance to enter the ear. And that phenomenon we call: passive noice cancelling. Enough with the teachings! Back to the review.

The sound of the QCY T7 is very good for the price we paid: 24.95 shipping included. And more so if you take into account that these are semi in ears. The tones are nicely balanced. Low tones come through well, but not as well as for instance the QCY T4. Mid-tones (which are often less present with budget wireless earbuds), come through super well. One thing is certain: when you hear the sound for the first time, it exceeds expectations. At least that was certainly the case with us.

QCY T7 oordopjes Airpods

With the equalizer in the QCY app you can adjust high, middle and low tones according to your preference. That is very handy. That remains a unique selling point of QCY. A good app for earbuds is usually only the case with earbuds of 100 euros or more.

Microphone: can you make good calls with the QCY T7? 

Microphone rating: 6

The microphone of the QCY T7 is as we are used to from QCY. Solid, but not great. You can have a clear phone call with the earphones, but it doesn't reach the level of the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE or the Eardopes B6 Pro. But for the price you pay, you can not get earbuds with a better microphone.

QCY T7 review earbuds Airpods alternative

Controls of the wireless earbuds

The QCY T7 earphones have touch controls and no buttons. The touch control is positioned on the little 'circle' on the outside of the earbud.

Control score: 8

And the cool thing is that you can determine exactly which functions are under which controls. Do you want the earbuds to go faster if you press the right earbud twice? You can. Do you prefer Siri or voice assist when you touch 3 times? That is also possible. You configure the touch controls in the QCY app.

When we used the earphones the first few times, we were a bit hesitant about the touch controls. With many other earbuds, it often happens that the touch does not respond very well. And that can sometimes be frustrating. But in the case of the QCY T7, we honestly haven't experienced a single time the earbuds didn't do what we wanted. Even though the interface of the touch control is very small, it always works. Great job, QCY.

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QCY T7 Review Earbuds Airpods

And perhaps that is precisely the fact that the controls are so intuitive. Since the touch sits exactly on a small platform of the earbuds, you can feel exactly where to press. And that makes the entire operation so much easier than the operation of, for example, the Airpods, where you have to always search where exactly in the rounding the touch controls are located.

Charging case QCY T7

The charging case of the QCY T7 contains 380 mAh (battery capacity). And that was kind of what we expected, because the majority of QCY's charging cases have 380mAh. With that battery capacity you can use your earbuds until they are completely empty and then recharge them more than 5 times. Anyway, nobody listens to music 5 times in a row for 4 hours. Usually you listen to music for an hour and then store the earbuds back in the case. They are completely full again after about 10 minutes.

QCY T7 review Eardopes oplaadcase airpods

Factory reset: Restore QCY T7 to factory settings

There is a button on the charging case of the QCY T7. This allows you to reset the earbuds to the factory settings. You perform a factory reset on the QCY T7 as follows:

  1. open the lid of the QCY T7 box
  2. make sure the earbuds are in the box
  3. Press the box button for 10 seconds
  4. if the light above the button starts blinking, the reset has been performed

Enable QCY T7 pairing mode

Sometimes you want (for whatever reason) to switch the earbuds back to pairing mode. This is possible with the QCY T7 as follows:

  1. the earbuds were connected to the phone
  2. put earbuds back in the case
  3. press the button on the case for 3 seconds (or until the light flashes green 3 times)

Battery duration of the QCY T7 earbuds

The earbuds themselves have a 35 mAh battery capacity. You can use it to make a call or listen to music for 4 hours. The numbers always depend a bit on a number of factors (such as volume). Anyway: too high of a volume is not only bad for the life of your earphones, it is also bad for the life of your ears itself. And that is perhaps even more important.

Duration rating: 6

Excellent battery life for earbuds in this price range. But we also see the value of slightly more expensive earbuds with double the number of mAh. There are a lot of situations where it is useful if you can use your earbuds a little longer.

Conclusion: are the QCY T7 good?

The QCY T7 earbuds are great if you are looking for earbuds that are semi in-ears like the Airpods. 

Sound is better then most other Airpods alternatives and you get a great app where you have all features such as: GPS location, pop-up when connecting and the possibility to change the name of the earphones in your phone. 

Sound quality is great for the price, but if you are a sound freak, go for earbuds that are a bit higher in price.  

Sound 7.5
Microphone 6
Fit 7.5
Battery 6
Control 7.5
Stability 8

In this review, we have taken into account that the QCY T7 are semi in-ear earbuds. Fully in-ear earbuds such as QCY T4 have a much fuller sound and more passive noise canceling. But we assume that readers of this review prefer semi in-ears. If not, check out our blogs about full in ear earphones. 

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