QCY T10 Earbuds Review: A Striking Conclusion

The QCY T10 is a brand new set of wireless earbuds from QCY. It features a premium design with a larger battery and a smaller form factor compared to other QCY earphones. But does the QCY T10 performs better than the others? Does it offer good microphone and sound quality as promised? You will find out in this review. 

Pros and Cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the QCY T10. This way you can immediately see whether these earbuds are suitable for you.

Pros  Cons
✔️ Fit
✔️ Battery
❌ Microphone needs improvement
❌ Sound could be better

Specification QCY T10

  • Price: around 20 bucks
  • Chipset: Realtek HQ3000
  • Bluetooth: V5.0 with Backward Compatibility
  • Reach: 10m
  • Battery of the case: 600 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Battery earbud: 40 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Charging: Quick Charge
  • Cable: USB Type-C
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Control: Touch
  • Driver: Dual Armature Driver
  • Microphone: 4 Mic Noise Isolation
  • Compatible with QCY APP.

Sound Quality of the QCY T10 Earbuds

The sound quality of the QCY T10 is quite disappointing. Out of the box, the earbuds were able to produce few low tones but the overall sound quality becomes flat and fading. Compared to the QCY T5, the overall sound quality of the QCY T10 is mediocre and inferior. It did not even met our average expectation.

Sound quality score: 5/10

On the brighter side, if you are someone who values design, stability, and battery longevity over sound quality, then the QCY T10 is a good option to consider.

QCY T10 earbuds sound microphone earphones

It is also best to note that there are cases where an earbuds irritates the ears of the user. Cases like this are caused by peculiar frequencies that is not noticeable but can cause ear irritation after hours of use. Fortunately, the QCY T10 does not suffer from such issue.

Microphone: Make Good Calls with QCY T10

The audio input or the microphone of the QCY T10 is quite decent but nothing above average. Below is a short recording using the QCY T10 as our microphone.

If you listen to the clip, our voice is definitely clear and understandable. However, the audio lacks depth to it and it is almost quite impossible to hear any form of low tones.

Microphone Score: 6/10

Taking its flaws aside, the QCY T10 does manage to offer decent microphone performance considering its price. Unfortunately, if the performance of the microphone matters a lot to you, then you are better off with other earbuds on the market. But if budget is of a concern, then the QCY T10 is an option to consider.

Fit: How well does the QCY T10 fit?

With a total body case length of 3.2 cm and a compact body casing, the QCY T10 fits comfortably well in most cases.

QCY T10 earbuds wireless earphones sound microphone

Out of the box, the QCY T10 comes with three different sizes silicone ear tips. Each ear tips can be interchange with the default ear tip so you can find a snuggly comfortable fit of your preference.

Fit Score: 8/10

In comparison with the QCY T5, which came out in early 2019, the QCY T10 is noticeably smaller in size.

QCY T10 Size Comparison QCY T5 TWS Earbuds Wireless earphones

But do not let the size fool you. The casing might be smaller but the QCY T10 packs a bigger battery than the QCY T5.

Operation of the Earbuds

Using the QCY T10 is quite easy and offers a user friendly operation. It features a touch control navigation and it does not come with any physical buttons. Speaking of touch navigation, touch control is definitely here to stay. Some may prefer having a physical button for control while others prefer touch control. Unfortunately, for those that prefers to have a physical button control, the future does not seem to lean that way.

Operation Score: 8/10

The touch control of the QCY T10 is very responsive. To make things even better, the earbuds is compatible with the QCY app. The app enables you to fully customize the touch control of the QCY T10 to your preference. Want to increase the volume using the right earbuds? You can with the use of the app.

QCY T10 tws earbuds earphones operation use navigation touch control

It is rare to see such feat and flexibility from earbuds of this price range. Fortunately, QCY do keep their customers feedback in mind.

How does the touch control of the QCY T10 Work?

Out of the box, the default settings of the QCY T10 are as follows:

Left Right
1x Nothing Nothing
2x Music: pause / play
Calling: record / hang up
Music: pause / play
Calling: record / hang up
3x Voice assist / Siri Voice assist / Siri
1.5 sec. Previous song / movie
Rewind (podcast)
Next song / movie
Fast-forward (podcast)

4+ sec.

Disable / enable Disable / enable

Do note that users can change the touch control function of the QCY T10 using the QCY app.

Battery: How long can you use the earbuds?

The QCY T10 has a built-in battery of 40 mAh on each earbuds which gives it an audio playback of up to 3 and a half hours. Paired with the case that comes with a whopping 600 mAh, you can listen to your favorite songs and videos of up to 21 hours on a single full charge.

Battery Score: 8/10

However, we must take note that there are other factors that can greatly affect the battery capacity. A good example of this is the level of loudness and the amount of wireless interference that can cause the earbuds to exert more power to maintain audio stability.

Conclusion: Are the QCY T10 Good Earbuds?

  Score (%)
Sound 50%
Microphone 60%
Fit 80%
Battery 80%
Controls 70%
Stability 75%

Overall, the QCY T10 is a decent earbuds that anyone can buy on the market. However, it is by far below our minimum expectation.

The sound quality is mediocre and the microphone definitely needs improvements. It does, however, provide decent conversational performance out of the box but it is all down heel from there. Added to that, the QCY T10 does not feature any form of active noise-cancellation.

You can improve the audio quality a little by means of the QCY app but you may only find yourself more disappointed along the line.

The body casing quality, design, battery performance, and friendliness of the operation, on the other hand, is superb. Furthermore, having the ability to fully customize the navigation control via the app is a welcome feature to have.

All in all, the QCY T10 is a great earbuds for the budget conscious. But if you have more greens to squeeze out of your pocket, then you are better off with something else.



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