Review: SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE

SoundPEATS is an earphones brand that has been making significant progress since 2012. The Truengine 3 SE is one of their better models. The design of the SoundPEATS is, as always, cool and beautiful. But do the bluetooth earphones sound as good as they look? What we found is that these earbuds are very good for a specific goal group. But are you one of those that will love the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE? You will find out in this review.

Specifications SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE

  • Price: 49,95
  • Chipset: QCC3020
  • Codec: APTX
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Reach: 10m
  • Battery case: 500mAh
  • Battery earphone: 55mAh
  • Cable: usb type c
  • Water proof: IPX6 (can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. )

In our opinion, 500mAh is a great battery for the charging box. Do you really never want to worry about the battery again? Then take a look at the SoundPEATS Trueshift2. They have 3000mAH. Anyway, the charging box is about the same size as a mouse on a computer. Every advantage has its disadvantage.

Sound quality of the Truengine 3 SE 

Sound quality score: 8,5

Let's start with the sound. SoundPEATS has delivered a great performance in terms of sound with the Truengine 3 SE. But not for everyone. For the connoisseurs. We will now explain that.

No woofers, but quality and balance  

The Truengines are not subwoofers that woof in your ears. It's a balanced sound with the power in the midrange. You hear every instrument from your music. And that is sometimes different with wireless earbuds in this price category.

Don't you hear any bass at all? Oh, absolutely. You hear exactly as much bass as the producer or creator of the music intended. But no more than that. You can of course compensate a few things as desired with an equalizer on your phone.

SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE

With Eardopes you get an extra set of foam tips. These are soft ear tips (the component of the earbuds that go into your ear) that slowly enlarge in your ear as foam. These provide a perfect seal in your ear, so that the bass from your earbuds comes through much better. With those ear tips, the sound of the Truengine is phenomenal. So if earbuds are difficult to fit in your ear: these earbuds have a good chance that they will fit.

Microphone: is it easy to make phone calls with the Truengine 3 SE?

Microphone score: 9

The SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE's Microphone is exceptionally good. Wireless earbuds are generally less in terms of microphone than earbuds with a wire. That is the reason that we extensively test the microphone with each version of bluetooth earbuds in our review.

First of all, the 2 (!) small microphone openings are very well placed. These are at the bottom of the outside and at the top. With many earbuds (believe it or not) the microphone hole is clumsily placed, so you cannot be heard. In terms of design, the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE has carefully thought about this.

When testing the earbuds while on the phone, we were really perplexed by the quality. The voice comes in really very clear. And even when you're in the car or frothing milk by an espresso machine: miraculously you can still be heard. Fantastic work by SoundPEATS. We have never been able to take a closer look at such a good microphone before.

Buy SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE (on Aliexpress)

SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE

Operation of the earbuds

The SoundPEATS almost always have touch controls and no buttons. This also applies to this Truengine 3 SE. Exactly on the bronze part of the earbuds is the touch control .

Operation: 7

How does the touch control of the Truengine 3 SE work?

Left Right
1x Volume down Volume up
2x Music: pause / play
Call: record / hang up
Music: pause / play
Call: record / hang up
3x Voice assist / Siri Voice assist / Siri
1.5 sec. Previous song / movie Next song / movie

4+ sec.

Disable / Enable Disable / Enable

The controls of the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE will never let you down. Sometimes we are happy when earbuds have buttons because they will never let you down. But this is a good example of earbuds with touch controls that, like buttons, never let you down. Excellent service!

In terms of operation (so which operation is behind which touch ) it could have been a bit more logical in our opinion. For example: 1 touch would be better pause / play. 2 touch: next / previous track. pressed: adjust volume. Anyway, SoundPEATS has made other choices. You will get used to it quite fast.

onderdelen SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE

Absolute credit to SoundPEATS for the detailed instructions for use. Each setting or scenario is described in the manual. Moreover, they immediately supplied the manual in several languages ​​(unfortunately not Dutch, but that is a logical consideration). At the end of the most detailed manual, there is a QR code that refers to a page on the SoundPEATS website. There you can download the extra detailed manual. Can it be even more detailed? Wow!

Factory reset SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE

And precisely because of the good user manual, we found out that it is not true that a light in one earbud was always on when we pause the music, or when we called / called video. But in the manual we found out that this is because you did not press 'accept' on the device during the pairing. No man overboard: a factory reset for the Truengine 3 SE is done in no time according to the manual .

  1. Place the earbuds in the case
  2. Press both touch controls on the earbuds for 10 seconds
  3. The factory reset is now complete. You can pair again.

Download the manual of the Truengine 3 SE

You can download the manual of the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE here.

For some reason it is impossible to find the manual of the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE. But if you can't get it anywhere, you can get it at Eardopes. 

Charging case Truengine 3 SE

The charging case has 500mAh (battery capacity). That's about average at the time of writing. Nothing special, so. You can really get ahead with it.

The 'smaller' brother of the Truengine 3 SE: the Trueshift2 has a charging case of 3000mAh. That is 6 times as much. But that is an exceptional amount. A disadvantage is that the case is really a lot bigger than the Truengine 3 SE that we are now reviewing. By the way, we have a comparison between these 2 earphones created.

oplaaddoosje SoundPEATS 3 SE case charging

Battery: How long can you use the earbuds?

The case has 500mAh and the earbuds themselves have 55mAh battery capacity. That 500mAh is nothing special. And the 55mAh not really either. What is special is that with these earbuds you can listen to music for about 6 hours (slightly more even).

The SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE charging case does not have wireless charging. 

The QCC3020 chipset and the AptX codec allow the earbuds to efficiently handle the electricity. And that results in a good user life. That is another reason to go for real quality.

Conclusion: are the Truengine 3 SE good?

Rating (1-10)
Sound 8.5
Microphone 9
Fit 7.5
Battery 8
Controls 7
Stability 8.5

The SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE surprised us in many ways.

The sound is beautifully balanced and is not inferior to, for example, the more expensive Jabra 75t that we tested earlier. You hear instruments in your music that you didn't hear before. Especially when you put the foam grips around the earphones, the sound really comes out well. An absolute must.

The microphone is exceptionally good. In fact, we dare say that this is the purest microphone we have tested to date. When making calls with these earbuds, you will never have any earbud related problems. Calling is easy with these earbuds.

The battery is not that special at all in terms of specifications. 55mAh in the earbuds is fine and 500mAh in the charging box is average. The 6 to 6.5 hours time that you can use the earphones continuously is interesting. We are also very satisfied with that aspect.

In our opinion, the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE are absolute top earbuds for less than 50 euros!

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SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE vs SE

Pay attention! There is also a SoundPEATS Truengine SE instead. 3 SE. That one number (the 3) means a completely different product. The 3 SE is the newer version of the SE.

SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE vs. SE vergelijking alternatief

The Truengine 3 SE has better sound. The fit differs a bit, but it depends on personal preference.

Check out our full comparison: Truengine 3 SE vs SE

SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE vs. Trueshift2

The sound of the Truengine 3 SE is better than the Trueshift2. That's not to say the Trueshift 2 is bad. It is still a lot better than the average QCY earbuds. But with the Truengine 3 SE you get balanced, beautiful and clear tones. The detail and balance make the 3 SE the absolute winner of the 2. And that's probably why it's slightly more expensive than the Trueshift.

Also check out our Trueshift 2 review

SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE vs. Trueshift2

The Truengine 3 SE has AptX. The Trueshift2 does not. This ensures a more efficient transmission of the sound, so that earbuds can offer better quality via the Bluetooth connection. And that is an advantage of the Truengine 3 SE.

The Trueshift2 has more battery in the charging box:

TrueShift2 3000 mAh
Truengine 3 SE 500 mAh

Speaking of the charging case, the fact that there are 6 times as much mAh in the box also results in a much larger charging case. That makes it less handy and easy to use. Especially when you are on the road or traveling. See the above picture to compare sizes of the 2 cases.

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