Jabra Elite 75t Review: best allround wireless earbuds?

The Jabra Elite 75t are wireless bluetooth earbuds from the Danish brand Jabra. It is the successor to the Jabra 65t. For us earphones lovers Jabra is a well known name. The price is approximately $ 160. What strikes us? Balanced sound, HearThrough, no ANC and ergonomic pleasure. You can read the results of our test and our assessment in this Jabra Elite 75t review.


  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Weight charging case: 35gr.
  • Weight earbud: 5.5gr.
  • Battery case: 500mAh
  • Multi point connection: up to 8 devices
  • Controls: buttons
  • Cable: usb type c
  • Codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Microphones: 4 mics in total
  • ANC: no

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The earphones

While holding the earphones in the hand, the first thing you notice is the stiff construction. The earplugs have an iron-looking cap on the side and the weight promises some heavy sounds. The ears are somewhat heavy at 5.5 grams. Logical, because heavy sound requires a heavy housing.

We put the Jabras in our ear and we have to find our fitting. In the ear you have to turn the earplugs a little bit in the correct direction to make them fit properly. Once found the hotspot in your ear, you will feel the comfort of the Jabra 75t right away. In short: they feel heavy in the hand, in the ear they feel light.

Heavy in the hand, light in the ear.

The charging box is nice and compact

The charging case of the Jabra Elite 75t's is best described as: small! And that is handy for on the go. The charging case feels like iron on the outside, which makes it strong and premium.

The box is so small that you almost doubt whether the Jabra 75t will fit in it. The battery capacity is 500mAh. Not that much. During our test we notice that the charging case has to be charged more often than lots of other earbuds. But given the size, it's understandable that there is 500mAh of battery capacity in the box. And not more than that.

Does the Jabra 75t have wireless charging?

With the Jabra 75t you can choose: with or without wireless charging. Until now you can only buy the version with wireless charging on the Jabra website itself. But the larger web shops will soon sell the version with wireless charging. The Jabra Elite 75t Active is an upgrade from the standard 75t and it always features wireless charging. That version is around 25% more expensive than the normal version.

To be clear: the charging case is the 'mother station' of the earplugs. If you place the earplugs in the box, the earplugs charge. That way, the Jabra 75t are always full when you take them out of the box. In addition to the charging function, the box naturally offers protection for on the go.

Jabra 75t all colors metal black white The three colors in which the Jabra 75t are available are: titanium black, gold and black

Sound quality of the Jabra 75t

The sound of the Jabra Elite 75t is amazing. Full tones as you would expect from earplugs in this price range. Of course it helps that these are in-ear earbuds. As a result, the sound is guided much better into the ear. Compare this to the Airpods and you don't understand why Airpods are still being bought at all. In our opinion, the sound of the Jabra Elite 75t is worth more than the purchase price.

The sound is amazingly balanced

But what is so good about the sound? The best word to describe that is 'balance'. By default, when listening to music, you do not get excessively low tones. The mids come out nicely and the treble comes in perfectly rounded. There is no 'extra bass' exaggeration. So again: there is nice balance. And the app (an absolute must) lets you adjust the low, mid and high tones manually.

Calling and microphone of the Jabra Elite 75t

Do you call a lot with your bluetooth earohones? Then the Jabra Elite 75t are very suitable. We tested the microphone well in this Jabra Elite 75t review. There are 4 microphones in the earbuds. And they notice that on the other side of the line. The caller hears you more clearly than when you call your phone.

Even in a noisy car, the 75t's hold their own. The person you are calling with, will not even notice when you're in the car. That's because the ears can filter out the background noise. This way your conversation partner only hears your voice. A clever technology that works well!

Update: However when you are calling when using a vacuum cleaner or doing some dish washing, there will be some annoyance for the person you are calling with. We get a lot of frustrating callers that say kind of frustrated: "I hear a lot of sound. what are you doing??"

The HearTrough function makes you hear yourself better during a call. Very handy technology!

The problem with in-ear earplugs is that you often do not hear yourself. Not hearing your own voice makes talking very difficult. The same goes for when you are calling (at least if you have something to bring in the conversation).

4 microphones are built into the two earbuds! They are not only for calling, but also for the HearThrough technology. More on that later.

Operation: buttons work perfectly

The Jabra Elite 75t has buttons. Buttons on earplugs costing around 150 euros. For a while touch control was the standard for earphones from 100+ dollar. The problem with touch control is that it is (although very fancy) not always reliable.  And nothing is more annoying than when someone outside says something to you and your not functioning touch control does not let you pause your song.

So the buttons work very well and feel very firm. They respond very well and you don't have to put any pressure on them when pressing these buttons.

That is the biggest problem with push buttons: because you have to press them too hard, the pressure ends up on your ear canal. And that is not pleasant. Fortunately, Jabra has proven that a button can work perfectly.

Functions of the buttons

1x right: pause / play
1x left: HearThrough on / off
1x both: disconnect earplugs from device*

*It would have been so nice if the functions of the buttons remain the same when you press the buttons both at the same time. For example: you walk outside with music playing. Someone says something to you. You want to pause your music (1x right) and you want to turn on the HearThrough (1x left). If you do those 2 actions at the same time (press 2 buttons 1 time at the same time), your earplugs disconnect from your phone. That is inconvenient again.

Buttons configuration app jabra 75t
Wanna configure the functions of every button? That's possible with the Sound+ app that Jabra has has developed. 

The volume control works great. If you press and hold the button on the right earbud, the volume increases. Press and hold the left earplug and the volume decreases. It just works like a charm!

Change functions of buttons Jabra 75t

Fortunately, in the Jabra app you can set all buttons exactly the way you want! More about Sound+ (the app with which you can adjust the controls to your liking) later.

Jabra app functions buttons
We have never seen such a good app for earplugs.

I think it is pretty clear that we are a huge fan of Jabra's controls. It works pleasant and smooth. Great work!

HearThrough: ambient sound on demand

In-ear earbuds often have very good passive noise canceling. Simply by putting in the bluetooth earbud, you will no longer hear the sounds around you. And sometimes that's great. But in some cases it is actually good to hear yourself. For example during a telephone conversation. If you don't hear yourself well, talking is a lot more difficult as you don't hear your own voice as feedback on your pronunciations.

The Jabra Elite 75t has a great and innovative solution for this: the HearThrough feature. Pressing the left earbud turns on this feature. Press this button and suddenly you actively hear the sounds around you. The sound is recorded by the 4 microphones and played in your ear without noticeable latency. It's kind off cool!

You can define at what level you hear the sound from your environment. At the highest volume you may hear it even louder than you would normally hear the sounds around you. And believe us: you will play with that. You will use your voice and hear how it you actively hear yourself.

HearThrough improves your phone calls

The HearThrough function turns on automatically when you receive a call. But only if you want it that way. You can set that in the handy Jabra app (tested in this Jabra 75t review). Although there is no active noise canceling in these earbuds, HearThrough is a more useful function in our opinion.

Jabra 75t
With HearThrough you hear the ambient sound amplified through your earplugs.

By the way, you will think: that is also handy and safe on the bike! We have to disappoint you in that. On the bike, the wind enters the microphone so hard that you get a disturbed sound in your ear. The microphone cannot handle the wind well enough. And that makes sense. Otherwise, it should have a pop hood. And well, we don't feel like it.

Does the Jabra 75t have Noise Canceling (ANC)?

The Jabra Elite 75t does not have active noise canceling. That is unfortunate, but in our opinion it is certainly not a breaking point not to buy the Jabra Elite 75t. The fact that the earbuds need HearThrough technology, shows how good the earphones passive noise canceling is.

With the passive noise canceling, the ambient noise is purely stopped due to the fact that the earplugs close very properly in your ears. There is simply no room for sound to enter your ear canal. And that is certainly the case with these Jabras 75t. Our advice: don't stare yourself blind on noise cancellation. But is ANC an absolute must for your earbuds? Then check some other earphones.

Jabra 75t earphones active noise canceling

Multipoint: connect the Jabra 75t with more devices

The Jabra Elite 75t can connect to multiple devices. And it is extremely useful! Especially while working from home. One moment you are listening to music from your laptop, the next moment you are answering the phone. And all with the same set of earbuds. The music on the laptop stops and your Jabra's give all priority to the signal that comes from your phone. Are you done calling? Then the music from your laptop will continue playing again. Ideal!

jabra 75t coffee

Can you connect the Jabra Elite 75t to a laptop?

Yes, you can connect the Jabra Elite 75t to your laptop. You can do this on a Windows computer or laptop in a few steps:

  1. Click on the notifications icon at the bottom right (in the task bar)
  2. Right-click on Bluetooth
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select the plus sign that has the description: 'add a bluetooth device'
  5. Open the charging case and put the Jabra 75t in your ears
  6. You should now see Jabra Elite 75t (if not: press and hold both buttons on the earbuds for longer, until you hear instructions)
  7. Click on 'Jabra Elite 75t' and choose 'connect'

Connect jabra 75t with laptop computer

Do you want to make use of the multipoint connection (that means: connecting the earphones to multiple devices)? Connect the earphones after your laptop as you always do with your phone.

Jabra Elite 75t for running and sports

With this Elite 75t you can run remarkably well. The earplugs are firmly plugged in the auricle, so that the pressure points are more divided over more than just the ear canal. You don't hear them bouncing in your ear with every step you take like with other earbuds. And that is perfect for running and sports.

Do you want to use them while exercising in the gym? Even then these tws are very suitable in our opinion. The passive noise suppression ensures that you do not get the thumping of the rousing beat in the gym. Only your own music comes in. Perfect!

The Jabra app: this is what makes the app so good

The app of Jabra is called: Sound+. We did not have big expectations. Anyways, we wanted to test it for this Jabra elite 75t review. And guess what? The app is a piece of gold and an absolute must when you buy these (or any) earphones from Jabra!

Sound+ app jabra 75t equalizer

Sound+ app features

First of all, the app looks finger licking good. The designers of this app did a fantastic job. And also the user experience is good. 

On Android you will see a handy pop-up when you slide down your message window. There you can see your quick notifications like the battery percentage of your earbuds and the charging case. And that is always useful information. But you can turn it off if you prefer.

If you click on that screen, you open the app. In the main screen you see the equalizer where you can adjust the tones to your preference. You can set the HearThrough (from 0% to 100%). You also have 3 modes that give you the best prefix in 3 different situations.

In the tab 'Headset' you can set everything for your earbuds. Do you want to adjust the buttons? You can. Do you want to view the manual? It's possible. Do you want to see if there is an update? Everything is possible! Oh, and you can also see where your tws are. You can find your earphones through GPS. Also handy!

MySound: the Jabra 75t adapts to your ears

With MySound you can have your ears 'measured' on the basis of reactive beep tests. The earplugs will then personalize the balance of the sound for you. That is an exclusive feature.


When opening the app, we immediately saw that a new firmware update can be downloaded. You keep your earplugs up to date via the app. That too is a comforting thought when buying these tws.

Download the Jabra Sound + app

You can download the Sound + app from Jabra for Android and iOS.

Conclusion of this Jabra 75t review

In everything, the Jabra Elite 75t are premium earbuds. The sound is beautiful and balanced. The ears are very comfortable and fit well in your ear. They are even so good that you can exercise with them.

Rating (1-10)
Sound 9
Microphone 7
Fit 8
Battery 6
Controls 9
Connection 8

Since we tested these earplugs with HearThrough function, we don't really want earplugs without HearThrough anymore. It is so convenient to hear the ambient sound at the desired time. We don't really miss the fact that the earbuds do not have ANC because the passive noise canceling works strongly.

The 75t is ideal for calling. The 4 microphones provide a full sound for the conversation partner. In addition, the filter technology ensures that your voice is filtered out.

The Jabra app is an absolute must. It is the first earplugs app that really works. You can see battery percentages, configure buttons, fine-tune the equalizer, determine HearThrough percentage, set call configurations: it's all in the app.

In short: we are enthusiastic about the Jabra Elite 75t. Highly recommended.

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