How to use the full 100% sound quality of your wireless earbuds

Sometimes we are told that the sound quality of earbuds does not live up to expectations. The majority of complaints are mostly about the settings and not the hardware. Fortunately, we have a solution. We explain exactly how to use the sound quality of your earbuds to their full 100% potential. Once done, you will immediately notice the difference in sound quality due to various settings configuration.

But before anything else, here at Eardopes, we only sell earbuds that we support 100%.

A brief explanation of the issue

One of the most common misconceptions people believe when they notice that their earbuds sound too weak is that it's always the hardware fault. Increasing the overall loudness and sound quality produced by the input source usually does the trick. Simply have the paired device volume set to maximum. For example, if the paired device such as a laptop, pc, or smartphone has its volume set to 70%, then the sound quality, level, and loudness that your earbuds will produce will be limited to 70% as well.

sound quality spofity

The overall volume level of the earbuds is always dependent on the volume level of the paired device.

Such a situation can also affect the microphone quality during calls and video conferences.

Why do earbuds sound muffled?

The poor sounding audio coming out of your earbuds is caused by several factors. The most common culprit, most of the times, is signal strength. If you move too far away from its paired device, the audio quality of the earbuds will be greatly affected.

sound quality earplugs spotify high quality stream

Another common cause of poor audio quality coming out of your earbuds is the current settings of the music service you are listening to.

For example, nowadays, most people use music streaming services such as Spotify. It is one of the most popular music streaming service on the market. By default, Spotify implements a service feature called Data Saver. When this feature is enabled, all the music will be configured to stream at its lowest possible quality.

How to set the highest sound quality on Spotify?

To enable the best sound quality you can get from music streaming service such as Spotify, all you have to do is to configure a couple of items on the settings.

Spotify: Data Saver

Spotify implemented the Data Saver feature be default. This feature saves data consumption for people who has limited Internet Data.

Data Saver works by compressing all compressible files into smaller chunks to less the data needed for it to stream. However, doing so can drastically lower the music quality of any song that you are about to listen to.

How to turn off Spotify data saver?

Go to Spotify app settings and search for Data Saver. Once found, make sure that it is disabled.

Spotify sound quality data saver

Additionally, to make the music sound even better. Set the Music Quality found within the settings as well, to Very High for both Streaming and Download.

Sound quality Spotify high quality

Once done, you can now enjoy high quality music from Spotify and you earbuds will not be able to product sound quality to its full potential.

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