POGS headphones for kids: Review

We all know that kids will always be kids and their playfulness with a little bit of carelessness, will be a part of their life as they grow older. As an adult, it is within our responsibility to teach children the value of things. POGS got your back in that matter. They have developed headphones exclusively for kids and are designed with care for our kids and our planet. So in this article, let's find out if POGS headphones for kids are worth it.

Pros and Cons

Here's a quick look of what we liked and didn't like about the POGS headphones for kids.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔️Great design
✔️Excellent safety precautions
✔️Up to 12 hours of continuous use
❌Controls can be improved

Specification of POG headphones

  • Price: US$40 to US$75 (Wireless/Wired)
  • Bluetooth: Wireless model
  • Cable: 3.5mm Audio jack and bridge cable/li>
  • Range: 10m
  • SafeSound - limited to 85dB maximum volume.
  • Two hours charging for 12 hours of use.
  • SuperStrong materials to survive rough handling.
  • QuickSafe Cable.
  • BPA free, BFR free, RoHS compliant and more.
  • POGlink cable included.
  • Anti-tangle fabric cables so they doesn't end up in a knot.
  • Noise isolating and hypo-allergenic ear cushions.
  • Adjustable headband sizes that can adjust as kids grow.
  • Foldable and lightweight.
  • 32mm Neodymium Drivers.
  • 100% recycled packaging and zero waste manufacturing.
The package includes a bridging cable where you can connect one POGS headphones to another. This lets children listen to movies and video games at the same time.


Sound quality of the POGS headphones

Since the POGS headphones is designed for kids, we assume that the designing values the durability and quality of the product overall. This also led us to believe that the sound quality will be average. Furthermore, we also assume that there's won't be any heavy bass or low tones to protect the developing hearing senses of the kids.

After testing the headphones ourselves, we can conclude that the sound quality is above average. Low tones can be heard but is weak, the mids and highs are clear in a sense of satisfactory experience but nothing miraculous.

Sound quality score: 6.5/10

As we suspect earlier, most of the resources used to craft this headphone went to durability and safety. This is understandable since kids can be careless with things which can hurt them in one way or another. The bright side though is that the sound quality is acceptable. It's not on a grade where audiophiles would give their approval ratings but it's great nonetheless.


According to WHO, children are vulnerable to the harmful effects of loud noises including listening to loud music. This can then led to permanent or irreversible hearing damage.

Safety of the kids while using POGS headphones

As we already mentioned above, children are more exposed and vulnerable to the harmful effects of loud noises including listening to loud music. Because of this, casual headphones that you can easily buy off the market including earphones and earbuds will simply not work. We also do not recommend using them for your children or to any kids.

With this in mind, one of the safety feature that POGS implemented with their headphones is the maximum volume. What this means is that, the headset limits the loudness level of the sound it produces to acceptable level that will not cause any potential damage to the hearing of the children. Furthermore, even if you set the device volume level to maximum to increase the loudness of sound produces by the headset, the headset will simply adjust its setting to keep the loudness level within the safety range. Pretty cool right?


Another particular safety feature the POGS headset has is the detachable cables. What this feature does is that, it prevents the children, while using the headphones, to get stuck or being pulled accidentally by having the cables accidentally hooked on some things. It's a kind of safety feature that even us, adults, would love to have. No body would want their heads pulled accidentally while walking because the cables are stuck, right?

This feature also works with POGS link cables. It's the cable that lets you attach one POGS headphone to another.


Lastly and probably the greatest thing about the POGS headset is its durability. We all know that kids are simply careless and lacks empathy towards things. One way or another, they always find a way to break something. That's why the durability and flexibility of the POGS headphones is outstanding. It can be bend, stretch, and be thrown without causing any internal damage to the headphones. This what makes the POGS headphones great for every children.


The POGS headphones now are only available in The Netherlands. But if you would like to buy similar headphones for kids, try the JBL headphones for kids: https://amzn.to/2ZfP7zj
💡 The headphones emit light on the sides. No bright light, but cozy light. In the shape of a tent.

How well does the POGS headphones fit

The POGS headphone are engineered to adjust as the child grows. It comes with an adjustable headband sizes and you can adjust the headphone up to three different levels.


Fit score: 7.5/10

Other than the fitting, the earmuffs are also noise isolating and comes with hypo-allergenic ear cushions to keep outside noise to a minimum. Other than that, there's nothing much else to mention about the headphones fit level and comfort.

Controls and functionality of the POGS headphones

The POGS headphones comes equipped with 2 to 3 control buttons depending on the model. The one we have here is the wireless version and it has 3 control buttons; a Bluetooth switch, a power button, and a play/pause button. Other than that, along control panel are the audio cable port and the USB port.


One particular aspect that we find odd for the headphones is the size and the placement of the control buttons. For one, we assume that kids won't even care about the control buttons. They'll be wearing them and remove them like it's nothing. So we would prefer to have larger buttons, at most, since we also assume that parents will be the ones to use these controls. Furthermore, pressing the buttons should not be easy. What mean is that, there's almost no opposing force when pressing the buttons and this could result to unwanted presses when the child is lying down.

Additionally, since the one we have here are wireless, it would have been awesome if there's a kind of remote that turns the headset off remotely. So parents can control the pleasure time of using these headphones.

Operation score: 6/10

Battery: how long does the POGS headphones last?

The POGS headphones are rated to last up to 12 hours of continuous listening. Unfortunately, we are not certain about the battery capacity used for these headphones.

Battery score: 8.5/10

We also tested the headphones at normal volume and it lasted us about 10 hours or so.

Conclusion: Are the POGS headphones any good?

As a headphone specifically designed for kids, the POGS headphones are definitely good. This, of course, considering the nature of immature kids. However, if you have a kid or a child that's mind bogglingly obedient and has a knack for caring of things given to them, then you're off better with something cheaper.

The POGS headphones, overall, is a great headphone for kids. It has a fun design that any kids would love and durability that will resist any twist and bend. When it comes to fitting and comfort, the headphone delivers. It fits most sizes and the adjustable band enables it to adjust along as the child grows. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic cushioning is definitely a plus for any parents.


Sound 6.5
Fit 7.5
Battery 8.5
Service 6
Stability 8

Last but not least, the overall aesthetics of the POGS headphones is visually pleasing. The added LED light effect on each side gives it a futuristic design. Also, the ability to connect to another POGS headphones and its safety features will give any parents a peace of mind while kids have fun watching or playing video games.


The POGS headphones now are only available in The Netherlands. But if you would like to buy similar headphones for kids, try the JBL headphones for kids: https://amzn.to/2ZfP7zj


POGS vs. JBL headphones for children

We have not yet tested the JBL children's headphones. In terms of design, we think that the POGS are ahead of the JBL.


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