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Bone conduction headphones were made as an alternative to over-the-ear headphones and in-ear earphones. They have truly come a long way since it was first introduced in the market.

Now, we have a wide variety of options to choose from. What we have here is the Naenka's flagship bone conduction headphone, the Naenka Runner Pro. This headphone is designed to meet market demand for a wireless bone conduction headphone ideal for sports activity, working out at the gym, and, as the name suggests, running.

Pros and Cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Naenka Runner Pro. This way, you can immediately see whether these earbuds are suitable for you.

Benefits Cons
✔️ Excellent sound quality
✔️ Top-notch ingress protection
❌ Fitting needs improvement
❌ Touch control would be better

Specifications: Naenka Runner Pro

  • 16mm aperture drivers
  • Built-in CVC noise reduction microphone
  • OT leakage reduction 2.0 technology
  • Codec: AAC, AptX
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 10m
  • Built-in 8GB memory
  • Headphone battery: 230 mAh
  • Use: 6 hours at single full charge 65% volume (call/music)
  • Case: non-porous noise-reducing body
  • Waterproof: IPX8

Where can I buy the Naenka Runner Pro?

The Naenka Runner Pro is available for purchase on and


Out of the box, the Naenka Runner Pro comes with a multi-language manual, a magnetic USB charger cable, and a pair of earplugs.

Sound quality of the Naenka Runner Pro

As a bone conduction headphone, the Naenka Runner Pro needs certain consideration when it comes to its sound quality. Don't get the wrong idea here, what we mean is that, as a headphone, the design is comparably different to your usual headphones and that needs to be factored in.

If you haven't tried or have no experience with bone conduction headphones, then you need to understand a few things first. By design, bone conduction headphones don't have any form of holes where the sound it produces goes through. This kind of headphones has a fully enclosed cavity design. Added to that, it uses vibration technology that enables this headphone to produce sound. Having a full enclosed design is also the reason why it is able to achieve ingress protection of IPX8.


When it comes to bone conduction headphones, the sound quality it produces tends to be on the lower mid-range tones. You can also expect overwhelming low tones that are packed with bass all throughout no matter what music you are listening to.

Now that's out, let's discuss the sound quality of the Naenka Runner Pro. Out of the box, the sound quality is superb. Similar to most bone conduction headphones, the sound is more inclined to lower tones which is expected. Surprisingly, it doesn't sound muddy at all and high tones are noticeably there. However, it's far from perfect.

Sound quality score: 7.5/10

The sound quality it produces is definitely not comparable to headphones or earphones of the same price range. As a matter of fact, it's a plus for the Naenka Runner Pro. We believe it is due to its 16mm aperture driver. Commonly, earphones or earbuds come equipped with sound drivers that are usually between 8mm to 15mm in diameter while headphones typically come with 20mm to 50mm. Considering this fact, bone conduction headphone seems to be placed in the middle.

Microphone quality of the Naenka Runner Pro: Is it good for phone calls?

The Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headphone comes equipped with a single built-in CVC noise reduction microphone. It is located on the right portion of the headphone along with the control buttons.


With a single CVC microphone, the headphone is definitely not designed or built for phone calls or video conferences. Yes, you can still use the headphone to make calls, drop calls, and for online conferences but the quality of your voice is questionable.

Below is a recording we made using the microphone of the Naenka Runner Pro. Basically, what you will hear and the quality of it is what you should expect when using this headphone for calls.

If you listened to our recording, the microphone quality of the Naenka Runner Pro is surprisingly good. It exceeded our expectations. It's really good considering that it's a single CVC microphone. Our voice was detailed and clear however, there was some noticeable background noise when the volume is set to max.

Another noticeable downside is its capability to filter out the noise which is minimal. It can barely filter/block the noise being picked up from the strong wind.

Microphone score: 7/10

Nonetheless, it's still a better microphone compared to others that come with a dual built-in microphone or more.

The Eardopes B6 Pro is still our choice and benchmarking standard for microphone quality. You can listen to how good the microphone of the Eardopes B6 Pro below:

You can learn more about this earbud on our Eardopes B6 Pro in-depth review.

Fit: How is the comfort level when wearing the Naenka Runner Pro?

The fitting of the Naenka Runner Pro is considerably selective. For one, there's no length adjustment so people with smaller head sizes will find this a problem.


What we mean is that the headphone itself is not for every head size. For those with smaller head sizes, the band of the headphone can cause discomfort and can be bothersome. It tends to touch the lower portion of your nape in every head movement. On the brighter side, for people with medium to larger head sizes, these headphones can be comfortable to wear. It fits tightly enough not to cause any form of discomfort. So when running or working out at the gym, the headphone stays in place which is excellent.

Fit score: 6.5/10

If there's one thing that we would love to add or have when it comes to the fitting of this headphone, it's the option to adjust the band. Yes, the headphone itself is flexible and sturdy but its current size and length can be a problem for most people who has a smaller head size.

Operation, control, and functionality of the Naenka Runner Pro

The Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction wireless headphone comes with three physical buttons.

naenka runner pro control manual

These buttons mainly function as the power control and volume control. Through the different pressing combinations, the buttons will perform different actions. With that in mind, below are the functionality of each button:

Naenka Runner Pro Controls

Press + Button - Button Power Button
Once Increase volume Decrease volume Accept/End call | Pause/Resume music
Twice - - Reject call/Switch mode
Hold press 1s Next track Previous track Switch device/Voice assistant
Hold press 2s - - Device On/Off

Battery: How long would the Naenka Runner Pro last?

The Naenka Runner Pro comes with a built-in battery of 230 mAh capacity. It is also rated to last up to 6 hours of continuous usage with the level volume set to 65%. However, it's best to note that the rated usage is set in an ideal condition such as room temperature and Bluetooth connection turned off. So it's best to expect that the usage hours in one full charge will be less on typical consumer use.

Battery score: 7.5/10

Surprisingly, it requires 2 hours to fully charge the Naenka Runner Pro at completely empty battery. It's also mind-boggling that it can only last up to 6 hours for a 230 mAh battery. Compared to earbuds that have drastically lower battery capacity but can last up to more hours than this headphone. We suspect that this is due to how the headphone conducts sound. As we already mentioned above, this is a bone conduction headphone. It solely depends on the level of vibration to deliver sound where your ear can perceive.

Stand alone mode with 8GB internal storage

The Naenka Runner Pro comes with 2 different modes. First is the usual Bluetooth connection mode where you can play the media through your device and listen to it from the headset. The other one is the stand alone mode where you can listen to music or tracks that are stored inside its 8GB storage.

To access the internal storage of the Naenka Runner Pro, simply connect the charger cable to the headset and the other end to your computer. You computer should immediately recognize the device and open up a folder that contains the pre-installed music inside the headset. From there, you can add more songs to the headset which is a neat feature to have.

Conclusion: Are the Naenka Runner Pro worth it?

Criteria Rating (1-10)
Sound 7.5
Microphone 7
Fit 6.5
Battery 7.5
Controls 7
Stability 8.5

All in all, the Naenka Runner Pro is one of the best bone conduction headphones on the market so far. However, it is also one of the priciest one out there. It has its fair share of flaws but the best features of it outshines the minor flaws of the headphone. It is still far from perfect though. If you have a small head with about less than 23 inch in circumference, then you better opt for other models otherwise, people with a head equal or larger than 23 inch in circumference, then this headphone should be in your list of consideration.

Another worth mentioning is its magnetic charger design. On our experience, this is not a good charging port design. For one, it easily wears out and the connection between the pins of the cable and the golden plate of the headset. Furthermore, sweat and dirt can easily build up on the headsets charger portion. The metal contacts for charging the headset can easily corrode from exposure to sea water, sweat and sun, and more. So that's another thing worth keeping in mind.


As for personal experience, we loved that the headphone fits well on my head. It is also a kind of headphone that I personally prefer, an open-ear headphone. This way, I can listen to whatever I am watching while on the road and simultaneously being aware and hearing the sound of my surroundings. Although the bone conduction experience so far is kinda confusing. It's still a technology that's blooming on the market. As a matter of fact, the global bone conduction headphones market size is projected to reach USD 989.2 million by 2026.

Do we recommend the Naenka Runner Pro? Yes, of course. If you're looking for a headset that also allows you to hear your surroundings, an open-ear headset, that's excellent in overall quality, fits well with large to average head size, color black with sophisticated matte design, and supports the latest Bluetooth technology, then we strongly recommend you to check out the Naenka Runner Pro.

If you're decided to purchase the Naenka Runner Pro, we recommend purchasing it from the manufacturer's website and use our code EARDOPES16 to get it at a discounted price.

Commonly asked questions about bone conduction headset

Can bone conduction headphones damage hearing?

Studies have suggest that bone conduction headphones can potentially damage your hearing if played at high level of volume. Similar to any headphones or earphones being played at high level of volume.

Can bone conduction headphones help deaf?

Yes, according to this CNN report, bone conduction headphones can help the deaf to hear.

Can bone conduction headphones cause vertigo?

Every headset and earphone can potentially cause vertigo. Vertigo is commonly caused by a problem with the way balance works in the inner ear, although it can also be caused by problems in certain parts of the brain.

Are bone conduction headphones good for running?

Bone conduction headphones are ideal for running especially if you are running in crowded place such as the city. This way, you can listen to music while being aware of your surrounding.

How to wear bone conduction headphones?

To properly wear a bone conduction headphone, place the curved frame over your ears and behind your neck. Bone conduction headphones are never worn on or over the ears, ear part of the headset must always be just in front of your outer ear.

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