The 3 best earplugs for sleeping: We tested all of them

Sleeping is our body's natural way to nourish our health, mind, and spirit. However, the lack of sleep can result into a devastating day. If you're someone who is having trouble sleeping because of the noise, then you're in luck.

The use of earplugs can block noises that prevents you from sleeping. Furthermore, a good sleep greatly affects your quality of life.

Earplugs comes in various types but almost every type can be used for sleeping. The use of earplugs to aid your sleep is a great way to block noises such as snoring, ambient noise, pet noise, and more.

Types of sleeping earplugs

Earplugs are designed to block or reduce the environmental noise from entering your ear. They are generally effective at this job but there are a couple of types that provides better isolation and performance.

There are basically 3 different types of earplugs that are ideal for sleeping purposes and those are:

  1. Yellow foam earplugs for sleeping
  2. Silicone earplugs for sleeping
  3. Custom earplugs for sleeping

The yellow foam earplugs for sleeping

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As the name suggest, the yellow foam earplugs are earplugs made out of soft foam and are colored yellow. They are not always yellow and there are other colors available but they are more commonly know by that name.

These foam earplugs usually comes in a flat bottom with a slightly rounded tip on its top. The part where its smaller and has the rounded tip usually goes into your inner ear lobe.


✔️The foam is flexible and it adjusts to the shape of your ear lobes
✔️Hygenic and disposable


❌Doesn't block 100% of noise

If these earplugs interest you, you can grab a couple of pairs from AliExpress:

Additionally, you can save more if you buy them in larger quantities.

How to use or insert the yellow foam earplugs in your ear

To correctly insert the foam earplugs into your ear, all you have to do is as follows:

  1. Gently squeeze the earplugs to a flattened smaller shape. Gradually pinched them to constrict it from expanding immediately.
  2. Gently insert the earplug into your ear lobes. Once inserted, adjust the earplug to your comfort preference.
  3. Let the earplugs expand and take the shape of your ear lobes.
  4. Make proper adjustment if the earplugs are coming loose or your can still hear noises significantly.

If properly done, the earplugs will be snuggly fitted into your ear. Sealing your inner ear lobes from the outside noise. In some cases, you could still hear some noises but are drastically reduced compared to not wearing any earplugs.

Silicone earplugs for sleeping

silicon earplugs for sleeping best

The silicone earplugs are a kind of earplugs that are specifically designed to aid in sleeping. These earplugs offers a better noise isolation and reduction compared to foam types. They are better used for sleeping especially if you're sleeping with someone who snores really loud.


✔️Better noise isolation
✔️Better noise reduction efficiency
✔️Environmentally friendly


❌Not as flexible as foam
❌Cost more

If you find these silicone earplugs interesting, then we recommend trying them out. You can purchase a pair from AliExpress

Custom earplugs for sleeping

Last but not least, we have the custom made earplugs for sleeping. These earplugs are basically custom made and designed specifically for you. The earplugs are molded in shape to perfect fit into your ears. However, our recommended solution is to opt with the first 2 available options first. Consider a custom made as a last resort if the first 2 option we mentioned fails.


✔️Comfort - Molded to shape just for you
✔️The most efficient earplugs on the market


❌Significantly cost more
❌Takes time to make

Best earplugs for snoring

Being unable to sleep because of snoring noise can be a big problem. Most especially if your unable to achieve REM sleep for a significant amount of time. It could also lead to serious illnesses and can easily deteriorate that quality of life for you.

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Another possible way to address your snoring problem is to seek professional help. However, this can cost you a more compared to getting a pair of earplugs. Furthermore, if the snoring problem is by genetic cause and has no pending health issues, then you're pretty much out of options.

So, we recommend trying a pair of earplugs first before deciding anything rashly. Who knows, a pair of cheap earplugs could actually be just the thing you need for a well nights sleep.

Our recommendation for the best earplugs to use against snoring

As we already mentioned above, the cheapest and most practical way to address your snoring problem is to simply get a pair of earplugs. Try it out and see if it works for you.

With that in mind, here's our recommendation:

  1. We recommend to check out the foam earplugs first. They are very cheap and very effective as well. In about 70% of the cases, these earplugs were sufficient enough.
  2. If foam earplugs just won't cut it and the ample amount of noises that passes through it still bothers you, then we recommend trying the silicone earplugs. They offer better noise isolation, reduction, and has better efficiency overall. the only issue we find with the silicone earplugs is the comfort level. They are not as flexible as the foam and they are stiffer than the rest.
  3. If none of the first 2 recommendation work for you, then a custom earplugs made for you might just do the job. However, custom earplugs will cost more, takes more time to make, and you're going to need to spend on another pair if these gets broken.

Effects of using earplugs for sleeping

earplugs for sleeping against best for snoring

A lot of scientific studies have proven that the quality of sleep of a person using an earplug gets improved. Furthermore, this British survey shows that using earplugs have improved the quality of sleep of the participants.

Quote from research: At a cost of £2.50/patient, earplugs were a relatively cheap intervention with notable improvements in sleep for patients.

In short: earplugs reduce the ambient noise that enters your ears. And environmental noise (like a snoring partner) is one of the problems that prevents people from sleeping. Earplugs solve this.

Bottom Line: These are the best earplugs for sleeping

Knowing the best earplugs that perfectly suits for you varies depending on certain factors. To sum thing up:

Yellow foam earplugs for sleeping Ideal for those that wants to try earplugs as a solution. These earplugs naturally adjusts and adapts the shape of your ears. Most of all, it's affordable.
Silicone earplugs for sleeping Offers better efficiency and works better overall than foam. However, it cost more and is not as flexible as the foam.
Custom earplugs Having a custom made earplugs for you can be the best option to consider if all else fails. However, it's drastically more expensive than the first two options we mentioned.

In short: make sure you test the foam earplugs first. Do they work well? Then you can keep buying it. Are they letting too much noise through? Then you go for the silicone solution, or if you are convinced of long-term use: have earplugs made to measure.

You can purchase a pair for foam or silicone earplugs on AliExpress.

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