Best memory foam ear tips: Best replacement earbud tips

Finding the best ear tips replacement for your earphones or earbuds can be challenging most especially if you have no idea what to look for. Most would recommend grabbing a pair of memory foam ear tips while others would recommend after-market silicone ear tips or hybrid ones. Fortunately, we wrote this article to help you and guide you in this journey of yours. In this article, you'll find out if memory foam ear tips are the best for you or after-market silicone tips.

Ear tips: The things you need to know

When we hear about ear tips, most would assume that these are Q-tips. No, ear tips are materials molded to fit in our ear canals and isolate noises to enhance the quality of music and sound produce by earphones and earbuds.

Ear tips are elements that indirectly impact the quality and music experience. They can be made out of rubber, silicone, foam, and a combination. Mostly, ear tips are best replaced with something that you find comfortable and can wear for long hours.

With that in mind, let's now head to our best pick for memory foam ear tips, the best silicone ear tips, and the best hybrid ear tips.

Best memory foam ear tips

Recommending the best memory foam ear tips is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, we need to consider the type of audio device you intend to use these memory foam ear tips for. There are basically two types of earphones and those are in-ears and half-in-ears.

If you have an earphone like the Apple AirPods, then your earbud is a half-in-ear. In this case, the best memory foam ear tips that we can recommend are the memory foam ear tips by PZOZ.

These memory foam earbuds by PZOZ are crafted to perfectly fit the AirPods Pro. These are softer and skin-friendly than the included silicone tip for AirPods. As a memory foam, it will slowly take shape of your ear canal, and it's more comfortable to wear than rubbery or silicone. Furthermore, they are also better in terms of noise isolation and eliminates ear fatigue from wearing the earbuds for long hours.

If you're looking for memory foam ear tips for in-ear earphones such as TWS wireless earbuds, then we recommend checking out the memory foam ear tip for TWS earbuds by COMPLY.


The Comply TWS memory foam ear tips are crafted with heavy-duty use in mind. It is capable of preventing debris, earwax, and sweat from penetrating its foam and it is perfectly compatible with earbuds that have 4.8mm to 6.3mm diameter sound port nozzles.

Best aftermarket silicone ear tips

When purchasing a brand new earphone or earbud, usually, the package already includes different silicon ear tip sizes. However, the quality of these ear tips is questionable for some. While others prefer to use after-market silicon ear tip replacement such as the SpinFit CP100.

spinfit silicon ear tip replacement best

With its patented design, the silicon ear tip replacement by SpinFit has an ergonomic concave design at the core making it flexible to bend and twist to the contour of a person's ear canal. Furthermore, the SpinFit ear tip is able to be inserted deeper into the ear canal, enabling less obstruction along the sound field dispersion path, which results in a greater audio experience while providing maximum comfort.

Link Dream 12 Pieces Replacement Ear Tips for AirPods Pro Silicon Ear Buds Tips with Portable Storage Box

If you need replacement ear tips for an AirPods Pro, then we recommend checking out the Link Dream best affordable silicon ear tips replacement for the AirPods Pro. The Link Dream ear tips come in 6 pairs with a storage box and are perfectly fit with the Air Pods Pro. It will not affect the induction and charging of the earphone when put in the charging case with Link Dream ear tips.

Best hybrid ear tips replacement

Next on our ear tips recommendation list are hybrid ear tips replacement. As the name suggests, these ear tips make the best of both worlds. They have memory foam material as well as silicon material to enhance comfort, isolation, and eliminate fatigue from long hours of use.

One particular brand that always comes to mind whenever we say hybrid ear tips is Symbio. The brand fuses the best seal of memory foam with the longevity of silicone. Furthermore, the foam has a real gentle force to push the silicone to the wall of your ear canal which means tending to perfect isolation.

SYMBIO AirPods Pro Memory Foam & Silicone Ear Tips. Advance Hybrid design, Comfortable fit and great Sound Isolation

For Apple AirPods Pro users, we recommend getting the SYMBIO AirPods Pro Premium ear tips. These ear tips are engineered with an advanced hybrid design. It features 2-layers with silicone outside and a memory foam core that aims to provide flexibility and comfort like no others.

On the other hand, the SYMBIO Type W Premium Ear Tips are the best choice for earbuds with 4.2mm to 6mm nozzle sound.

SYMBIO W Premium Memory Foam & Silicone Universal Ear Bud Tips. Advance Hybrid Design, Comfortable fit and Great Sound Isolation,

If you have a wireless earphone or earbuds such as SoundPEATS, QCY, UGREEN, SoundCore, and popular earbuds brand, then we recommend checking these ear tips out.

With silicone as its outer layer and memory foam as its core, this enables the ear tips to provide an unmatched comfortable tight seal with better sound isolation and enhanced bass response & audio performance as a result.

Our recommendation best ear tip replacement

So these are the types of ear tips replacement that you can purchase off the market. Each type is best in a certain situation and it's difficult to claim that the other is better than the rest.

In our experience, the best ones are those that greatly satisfy your requirements. To better give you an idea, here's a table the quickly compares each type against each other and tells which is best for what situation.


Category Silicone Memory Foam Hybrid
Material Silicone Foam Silicon and Foam
Comfort 7/10 9/10 8/10
Isolation 7/10 8/10 9/10
Durability 9/10 7/10 8/10
Fitting 6/10 9/10 8/10
Price $$ $ $$$

In this table, each type of ear tip is better in some departments. Depending on your needs, understanding which type would be the best for you can be difficult. To make it simpler, if you're someone who's always on the go and uses earphones or earbuds as your daily life active driver, then Silicon type would be the best ear tips replacement for you. Otherwise, for comfort and better noise isolation, memory foam is the best choice. If you still can't decide, then it's best to consider grabbing the hybrid one instead. It may be costly compared to the first two but you do get the best of both worlds.

Do you have a question, concerns, or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below.

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