What fake Airpods Pro are best? (i900000 pro, i300000 pro or the HOCO ES36)

The Airpods Pro are very good, but also extremely expensive (€ 250). It makes sense that an alternative to the expensive Airpods is becoming increasingly popular. Many counterfeit Airpods Pro are offered through Aliexpress and other websites. They have crazy names like: i900000 pro. If you're making a random purchase, chances are you're wasting your money. But don't worry! We have tested many and in this article let you know what to look out for and which Airpods Super Copy 3 is the best to buy. And even better news: the best-tested fake Airpods Pro were 33 euros and are now 15 euros.

Would you rather buy fake Airpods 2? We also wrote a comparison article about this.

Namaak Airpods Pro: i900000 pro, i300000 pro of de HOCO ES36

The i900000 pro, the i300000 pro: you can see that they like to put the finishing touches in China! Because we already knew those i-numbers with the fake Airpods of the first and second generation. Think: i12, i30, i500 and i600.

It originated purely because people like to have a landmark. And at the same time, manufacturers and Chinese sellers are not allowed to use the words 'fake Airpods' 'Airpods clone' or 'fake Airpods' in their advertisements.

In an earlier article we already showed that if you buy 10 different versions of the i10, you buy 10 different earbuds with different quality. The number is not a brand name or type number. And certainly no guarantee of success.

In short: don't focus on the i numbers. But rather see which exact version has been tested by an editorial site. And buy through their link. At least then you know which version is good and that you are buying exactly that version.

Some i900000 pro are very good

Airpods pro van Aliexpress i900000 pro

6 of the 9 Airpods Pro that we bought and tested were named i900000 pro. Apparently this is a number widely used by sellers. But as we expected, all 6 i900000 pros were different. Hence our earlier tip: let go of the numbers.

80% of all i900000 pro are dramatic
Most of the i900000 pros were bad, and some were even dramatic. 2 out of 6 are much better. Especially the low tones came through well. And (very important) they had no errors or defects. Because: man, many versions had a frustrating error. More on that later.

Noise cancellation did not work
Coincidentally, the 2 good i900000 pros had noise canceling. But as explained earlier: in this case that has no added value. If you switch on the noise canceling, you will hear a sound, but nothing will change. You can still hear the ambient sounds as much as before.

Great sound!
However, it was immediately noticeable with both versions that the sound is very good. Beautiful low tones. So good, in fact, that you really wonder how they can be so cheap (just over fifteen euros).

  • Very good and stable sound (really ridiculous for the price)
  • Good microphone
  • Nice finish of the material
  • Had all the functions with an iPhone: Pop up, GPS, rename

We bought our version of the earbuds here:


The Hoco ES36 is not as good as we thought

We were hopeful about the Hoco ES36. It is bought a lot and we have seen a few rave reviews about it. Anyway, you never know if reviewers are as independent as we are. The Hoco ES36 failed on the most important points.

  • Little bass
  • Very bad (dull) microphone
  • Malfunctioning noise canceling
  • The iron ring at the bottom
  • The white bar under the ear tips

We have already explained the last 2 disadvantages at the top of this article. More importantly, the sound just wasn't right. And the sound is the most important thing that a counterfeit Airpods Pro should have.

What should you pay attention to when buying counterfeit Airpods Pro?

There are two things to keep in mind. We have tested 14 different sets and these are the two aspects where you can recognize bad versions of counterfeit Airpods Pro.

  1. Take off the white silicone ear-tips. The connection point under the die tips must be flat. Many counterfeit Airpods Pro have a white rod under that earpiece. That is cheaper technology and that is a sign that the rest of the earbuds are also not of high quality.
  2. The lower part of the earbuds is also a part where you can distinguish quality from 'junk'. Is that part nicely flattened? that is a good sign. Or is it an iron cap / ring that is attached to the bottom of the earbud? That is a bad sign. The better quality versions always have a white finished bottom. So pay attention to that.

We will show those 2 examples with a photo.

Airpods Pro namaak werken niet kapot slecht
You can see the good example in the picture above. White smoothed finish on the bottom (right). You also see a round black plate (left) to which the earpiece clicks. With the worse version you see an excellent white shell there.

Goede en slechte namaak Airpods Pro van Aliexpress
Here you can clearly see that the bottom is nicely flattened. In worse versions you will see an iron ring here.

These are not even 2 aspects of the earphones that directly improved the quality of the sound or the microphone, but we did see a clear pattern. If the earbuds did not have these two properties, then they were often not good earbuds in terms of sound. That is why these are 2 handy points to check.

Fake Airpods Pro with noise canceling (noise cancelling)

ANC (Active Noise Canceling) is a technique where you no longer hear ambient noise. The Airpods Pro have this technique. That technique is expensive. At the same time, buyers increasingly want earphones to have this technology.

The makers of the fake Airpods Pro try to incorporate this into their product, of course. Precisely because there is a demand for it. But noise cancellation is an expensive technique. So expensive that it does not fit well in a product of around € 15.

Welke namaak Airpods Pro van Aliexpress zijn het beste: de review van fake Airpods Pro

Fake Airpods = fake noise canceling

That is why the manufacturers apply a trick: they build the cheapest technology of noise canceling in your Airpods Pro alternative. For example, they can include the popular term 'noise canceling' in their advertisement and still offer a cheap version. And if you have the product in your ears at home, you will notice that the noise cancellation hardly works.

Our tip: don't focus on noise canceling with counterfeit Airpods Pro
The fake Noise Canceling Airpods Pro certainly weren't the best earbuds we tested. We prefer Airpods Pro with good sound and without noise canceling than the other way around. In addition, we have not tested one version with really good noise cancellation. With all versions, we could not notice any difference when we turned the ANC (active noise canceling) on ​​or off. In short: you then make your choice on a feature that does not work at all in reality. It's good that you read our article.

Most common problems of fake Airpods Pro

There were 2 errors that occurred with many Airpods Pro.


  1. The in-ear sensor went off every now and then. As a result, you keep hearing a * bleep * sound and then the music stops. There is hardly anything more frustrating than when the earbuds make a noise for no reason and then hit play / pause. We could throw that version out the window!
  2. With 2 of the 14 earbuds, the sound was louder on one side than the other. If you find such a set, there is nowhere to go. And if you point this out to the seller in China, they'll say: 'Can you make a video for prove?' That makes everything even more frustrating. Because how can you make a video of earbuds where the sound is louder on one side than the other? In that respect, it is better to buy your earbuds at Eardopes. 30 day return period and customer service every day from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.


Of course, in this article, we have many examples of fakes that are no good. But don't let that put you off! Some versions were really good! The best version we have tested is this i900000 pro. The shipment was also reasonably fast (not as fast as with Eardopes of course). You buy the i900000 pro here:

These i900000 pro we found best


You cannot choose which earbuds you buy on, for example, Aliexpress based on an i-number. Because - as we showed in this article, if you buy the i900000 pro 10 times from different sellers, you will receive 10 different versions. So you can do 2 things.

  1. You can discover it yourself. The process is a lot of fun. But it can cost you money because you make a bad buy 3 or 4 times. In addition, you must always wait at least two weeks for your earphones to arrive.
  2. We have already gone through step 1 for you. 80% of the 10 sets were of very low quality. If you don't want to make a bad buy, you can buy the i900000 we bought. Then you know that you are buying a good version.

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