i500 tws earbuds: Review after 3 months of use

The i500 is an alternative to Airpods that is increasingly popular. You can buy them from Aliexpress. The price for what you get is good. In particular, the sound and functions are positive. In this article, we'll explain exactly how good the i500 tws counterfeit airpods are.


Immediately when putting on the earbuds we notice how good the sound is. The fact that we don't hear a Chinese lady say 'power on' already promises a lot. That often makes such a cheap impression. These earbuds give a bleep sound when you place them in your ear. This indicates that the in-ear sensor is triggered. You heard it right: there is an in-ear sensor in the i500. More on that later. Now first about the sound.

The earbuds have a nice full sound. Much better than the average i12 sold for a lower price. High tones sound clear, not shrill. The mids really come through well. The low tones come through, but not like with the Airpods. But they are getting very close! All in all, these i500 tws have the best sound we've ever heard from Airpods alternatives.


Sometimes you can misunderstand the importance of a microphone. You will think you mainly use the earbuds to listen to music. But sooner or later you will be called. And then you must in any case be understood by the other person. There's nothing more frustrating than someone on the other end of the line saying, "What? Hey? You're really hard to hear."

The good news is, you won't hear it like the above. You can be understood. But the moment there is more ambient noise, these microphones give up. Then someone can hear you a lot less well and then the sound in your environment sounds in his ear in an annoying way. No, for the really good microphone you have to go to the Eardopes B6 Pro.

The i500 tws has many functions

From GPS location to in-ear sensors, the i500 has all these options. Especially when using the iPhone. You will get a pop-up with battery percentage. Then you can change the name of your wireless earphones. If you then remove the bluetooth earphones from your ear, you will get a bleep sound. This means that the earbuds recognize that you are putting them in or out. If you take them out of your ear, the music pauses. Oh yes, there is also touch control on the ears. But is that still very special in this day and age? It's worth mentioning in any case.

GPS location: find my AirPods

For many people it is important that there is a GPS function on the fake Airpods. The iPhone has a tool called: find my Airpods . And you can use that tool with these earbuds. Handy if you have lost them once.

Rename the earbuds

Another big wish of many is to rename the wireless earphones via your iPhone. This is possible with this i500. You can then rename the earbuds in your iPhone. Incidentally, all these functions also work on an Android phone. You only have to download an app.

Sensor in the i500

We already described it a bit earlier. If you remove the earbuds from your ear, the music pauses. This is an advanced technique that you do not often see with earbuds in this price range.

But is it really useful? As far as we are concerned, it is not really an added option. But that may be very personal. We think it is fine to press your touch control yourself . The shape of the earbuds allow a lot of ambient noise into your ear anyway. So you don't have to take them off to hear anything. As long as you pause the music or your podcast. Then you really hear most of it around you.

i500 in box aliexpress review i600

Using i500 tws on Android devices

All of the previous features we discuss are mainly focused on the iPhones. But the Android devices can also support these kinds of functions. You just need to download an app. That app is called: Airdroid. You can easily find it in Google's Play Store.

With the app you can get a pop-up showing the battery percentage, you can turn off the sensor and change the name of the earbuds (so that you see that name with the pop-up). By the way, you can change the name in the settings anyway. Only then you will not see the name in the pop-up.

Battery for quite long time

In terms of battery, it is quite good. You can listen to music for about 3 hours with a full earbud. That depends on the volume. But in terms of battery, they are doing fine.

Update: What is striking about these earbuds is that they give a wrong battery percentage on the iPhone during the popup. That can be very frustrating. You have just charged them (half an hour) and one earbud is not charged. You feel like your earbuds are broken. Our tip: ignore that pop-up and focus on the light on the charging case. If it is green when you take out the earbuds, then you don't have to charge the case. Is it red when you take the earbuds out of the case? Then you have to charge the case. See, that's a simple quick fix .

battery percentage i500 shows wrong percentages pop up battery iphone

The battery percentages of the i500 are not working properly on the iPhone. One time you see a percentage of 8% and the other time (5 minutes later) there is a percentage of 100%.

Our tip: you can use the case as a solution: if the light is green when opening, the case and therefore the earbuds are full. You can then use them properly for at least 3 hours. For now you can ignore the percentages you see on an iPhone and switch off the light on the case. Great solution.

Volume when calling

Furthermore, in some cases we had a problem with the call volume. It seemed as if we couldn't adjust the ringtone volume with the buttons. Then we were listening to some nice music and then we got a ringtone in our ear with 100% volume . And that hurt.

You then take the ears out of your ear like hell. Only after that we were unable to adjust it. We tried haptic volume (a setting in iPhone), but it didn't work. And finally (a day later) the problem was suddenly gone. Very strange. But be prepared with a loud ringtone in your ear.

Size of the i500 tws

For many buyers, the size of the earbuds is important. Are the earbuds the same size as those of the American fruity brand? The answer to that is: the size of this i500 is identical to the Airpods. They are in fact 4.1 centimeters.

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