QCY T4 Review: great budget earbuds

The QCY T4 wireless bluetooth earbuds are the successor to the QCY T5. And no, that is not (chrono) logical. But come on. We have fully tested the QCY T4 and a number of things strike us. The earbuds have a very good price-quality ratio. Are you going for QCY? Then these are our favorite. Check out why we like the QCY T4 so much.

Specifications of the QCY T4

  • Chipset: PAU 5.0
  • Codec: AAC, SBC
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Reach: 10m
  • Battery charging case: 380 mAh
  • Battery earbuds: 43 mAh
  • Cable: micro usb
  • Water resistance: Ipx4 
  • Controls: knopjes
  • Weight: 4,5 grams per earbud
Pro's  Cons

✔️ High value for money
✔️ Working with QCY app
✔️ Reliable buttons
✔️ Better mic. than competition

❌ No extras
❌ Middle tones
lag behind

Sound quality QCY T4

QCY T4 review oordopjes Eardopes

The sound of the T4 is good. If you have the QCY T4 in your hand, you don't think that nice full sound can come out of the earbuds. The earbuds are reasonably light at 4.5 grams. But during the first use, we are positively surprised.

The sound is fuller than other earbuds of that price. Together with the QCY T5, these QCY T4 have the best sound of any QCY earbud to date.

Sound quality score: 7.5

Often you see with earbuds of around 30 euros that the middle and low tones in particular are absent. With the QCY T4, the low tones come out very nicely. The middle tones are also present, but the connoisseur would prefer a little more power in the middle tones. No problem: the QCY T4 are still the absolute top of its price range.

Microphone: you can make good (video)calls with the QCY T4

Usually, with cheap earphones, it is the microphone that has lost some quality. And in general, we notice the same for the QCY earphones that we test. But the T4's mic holds up fairly well.

Microphone score: 7

You can be understood perfectly during any normal telephone conversation. More expensive ones pass on your voice with a little more detail to your conversation partner. But QCY succeeds with the T4 to have a good telephone conversation with the earbuds at a low price.

QCY T4 review oordopjes

If the circumstances change slightly, the microphone of the earbuds will immediately fail. That must also be said. Are you on your bike with a little wind from the front? Then you are very difficult to understand. Are you doing the dishes while calling someone with the QCY T4 earphones? Then your conversation partner will also get irritated by the background noise.

We describe it more often in this review: the QCY T4 are earbuds with all basic functions. But you can forget an extra feature (just like with all QCY earphones). So a noise filter in the microphone? Forget it. A decent microphone is in the earbuds. But otherwise nothing special.

qcy t4 oordopjes eardopes review oortjes

Fit: how are the QCY T4

The earbuds are light and quite small. As a result, they don't lean so much in your ear. However, the QCY T4 are a bit on the broad side. So they stick out a bit from your ear. It feels a bit like 2 balls in your ear. And it seems that only partial thought has been given to ergonomics.

On the other hand, these QCY T4 have the advantage that you do not have another bar on the earbuds (as with the QCY T5). And then it makes sense that a little more space is needed in the wireless earbuds itself. But okay, QCY could have arranged that space a little more ergonomically.

QCY T4 oordopjes Eardopes review

Overall, the fit is good. You can use the bluetooth earbuds longer. Do you really want to use bluetooth earbuds for hours? For example during work? Then I would certainly invest a little more money.

Operation of the earbuds 

You operate the QCY T4 with buttons. You operate the T5 with touch controls. But we are a fan of the buttons on the QCY T4. Those buttons will never let you down. You can also feel whether you have pressed the button. That puts you in control. Perfect for the control freaks among us.

Controls: 9

In addition, the QCY T4 is fully compatible with the QCY app. And you just have to download it if you use the QCY T4. You can set almost everything yourself! Similarly, the operation.

Do you want the music not to pause with one press, but to go louder? You can set that in the app! All controls can be set in the app. And that is really exceptional for earbuds in this price category.

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Battery: How long can you use the earbuds?

380 mAh of battery capacity is included in the box of the QCY T4. That's 120 mAh less than the Jabra 75t. But those earbuds cost 110 euros more than these QCY T4. 380 mAh is a very good battery for this price range.

Battery: 7,5

QCY doesn't have any fancy techniques that put the earbuds chipset to work. It has no ANC (active noise canceling), no in-ear sensor, no touch controls. They are just earbuds that produce sound and contain a microphone.

QCY T4 oordopjes review

This chapter was about the battery of the QCY T4, right? I can hear you think. And you are right. What we describe above has an effect on the battery. Due to the lack of all these features, the chipset is put to work less. The earbuds are extremely economical with every percentage of battery that is in the earbuds.

As a result, you can listen to music at a considerable volume with the QCY T4 earbuds for a little longer than 4 hours.

Conclusion: are the QCY T4 any good?

Yes, the QCY T4 are good for anyone who does not want to pay a large amount for earbuds and still wants good sound. You have to be satisfied that there are no fancy features in the earbuds. No Active noise canceling (but that makes sense for earbuds from well below € 100), no in-ear sensor, no touch control. But good sound, a great microphone, a great app where you can set everything yourself.

Sound 7.5
Microphone 7
Fit 7.5
Battery 7.5
Controls 9
Stability 8
Value for money 8


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Do you want us to compare the QCY T4 with other earbuds? Let us know which one! Then we place the equation here.

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