Sony WF1000X wireless noise-canceling earphone

Sony first released the WF1000X wireless noise-canceling headphones as their attempt to enter the earbuds market. Despite their efforts to woo every customer to take the Sony WF1000X earbuds, the market, as of the time of release, was already filled with cheaper and reliable alternatives.

Despite the struggle, the Sony WF1000X was still one of the best earbuds you can buy on the market. Its popularity arose overtime but, not long before when Sony released a more popular and now brand's flagship earbuds, the Sony WF-1000XM3.


  • Closed Dynamic type
  • 6 mm dome driver neodymium
  • Supports NFC
  • Up to 3 hours of continuous playback time
  • SBC and AAC
  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • Ambient sound mode
  • weighs about 6.8g

Smart noise canceling

One of the most important aspects of an earbud nowadays is the ability to cancel out environmental noise. Features like this enable these earbuds to be travel friendly and allow users to fully enjoy rich audio in every frequency, from lows to highs. Nothing is left out or stands out prominently. One gets to hear the entire range of elements in a song -  from vocals, guitars to bass drums.


Users can interact with earbuds' smart noise-canceling settings by means of using Sony's propriety app, the Headphones Connect app. It's a neat app that is highly recommended to use if you own supported Sony devices.

Functionality wise, the smart noise canceling feature is controllable by means of tapping the touch panel of the left piece.

Sense engine

With Sony's instruction to earbuds, it wasn't long before most of the features exclusively set for headphones made their way to earbuds. One particular aspect that most don't seem to know about is the inclusion of Sony Sense Engine functionality. What this does is it lets you tune in and out of your activity at a touch.


Sony's Sense Engine is basically an integrated technology that provides tailored processing and analyzing techniques implemented to provide user exclusive personal experience.

Voice assistant

One feature that is slowly being implemented on almost every audio device is the support for voice assistant functionality. The Sony WF-1000X supports voice assistants however, Google Assistant and Siri are supported through the use of microphone connectivity while Alexa is built-in for the earbuds.

You can also purchase the Sony WF-1000X earbuds and other popular ones on

What this means is that, if you are not connected to a smartphone that supports either Google Assistant or Siri, you then cannot use them. On the other hand, Alexa will work regardless if you are connected or not connected to a smartphone.

Adaptive sound control

One peculiar feature that you will not usually find on any headphones, earphones, or earbuds today is the support for adaptive sound. What this does is that the feature takes advantage of the built-in microphone to detect your activity. By doing so, it then causes the earbuds to adjust ambient sound settings based on your surrounding. Fortunately, you can even make it better by using the Headphone Connect app. Customize every setting down to your personal preferences.


The adaptive sound control sets the earbuds to noise-canceling automatically once it detects that you are traveling. It also sets to other settings solely based on your activity. For example, walking will set the earbuds to the ambient sound mode, and staying in places such as seating or waiting will cause it to enable noise-canceling automatically.


The Sony WF-1000X is a bit of an old tech considering today's available options on the market. Especially that Sony has already released their latest noise-canceling headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM4, and wireless TWS earbuds, the Sony WF-1000XM3.


Alternatively, the market now offers a wide variety of options. If the Sony WF-1000X is a bit of an old gen for you and you want something that's affordable and provides excellent sound quality, then better check the following articles:

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