SoundPEATS Truengine 2 Review: the power is in the bass

The SoundPEATS Truengine 2 are in-ear earbuds from the SoundPEATS brand. It is the most expensive version of the brand. Does that price translate into sound and quality? And should you buy these earbuds instead of the 3 SE? You will find out in this article.

Pros and cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the SoundPEATS Truengine 2.
Pros Cons
✔️ For the bass lover
✔️ Wireless charging
✔️ Stay in place
❌ Less detail in high tones

Specificaties Truengine 2

  • Price: around $70
  • Chipset: QCC3020
  • Codec: AptX
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Reach: 10 m
  • Battery case: 500 mAh
  • Battery earbud: 55 mAh
  • Cable: Usb type C
  • Water resistance: IPX5 (can handle sprays of water)
  • Operation: touch control

We most notice that the earbuds can be charged wirelessly. In this respect, these earbuds deviate positively from its brothers: the 3 SE & the SE.

SoundPEATS Truengine 2: how do they fit?

Fit: 8

The Truengine 2 have rubber brackets around the wireless earbuds that click into your ear. This ensures that the wireless earbuds sit much better in your ear.

The great thing about the rubbers with this Truengine 2 is that they are optional. Would you rather not have rubbers? Then you take them off the earphones.

Until now, we have only tested such support hooks with super cheap earbuds. And there we found the brackets to be stiff, uncomfortable and even painful. But with this Truengine 2, the material is nice and soft and the rubber bends well to the shape of your ear.

The rubber ear hooks are available in 3 sizes. This way the earbuds fit in every ear.

With the rubber support you can even exercise well with these wireless earphones. Because the earbuds stay in place well enough. But not as good as with earbuds with a rubber arch around your ear. These earphones stay in place even better and are especially suitable for running.

Sound quality of the SoundPEATS Truengine 2

Sound quality score: 7.5

The SoundPEATS Truengine 2 is very suitable for people who like heavy bass. Because the low tones are (over) represented in these earbuds. When using these bluetooth earphones you have the feeling as if some kind of radio filter has been placed over your sound.

The mids and especially the high tones are not brought out enough. As a result, you miss the completeness in your music. The drum set's hi-hat lags a bit in these earbuds. Anyway, that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.

SoundPEATS Truengine 2 oordopjes draadloos

We often get the question from people who are looking for suitable earbuds, which earbuds have the most bass. There, these SoundPEATS Truengine 2 would be very much appreciated. So it is a matter of taste.

The SoundPEATS Truengine 2 wireless earphones support AptX. That also contributes to a better listening experience. Incidentally, all SoundPEATS earbuds released in the past year have AptX.

Microphone: calling and video calling with the Truengine 2

Mic score: 7.5

The Truengine 2 can be easily connected to a laptop. Video conferencing goes very well with the Truengine 2. This is partly due to the QCC3020 chipset and the dual drivers. Simply put, it means that both earbuds connect directly to the device (the laptop or phone). This ensures a more stable and faster connection. The technology is a lot more expensive to make.

Connectie SoundPEATS Truengine 2

Microphone: calling with the SoundPEATS Truengine 2

The Trueengine 2 are good for calling and great for video meetings. Please note that the ear tips are silicone tips so that you hear very little of the environment.

So you hear very little of your own voice. That makes talking more difficult. For some it is no problem at all. For others it is a disadvantage.

SoundPEATS Truengine 2 Review

Voor mensen die liever zichtzelf beter horen tijdens het praten en bellen, kunnen foam tips een oplossing zijn. Dat zijn oordopjes (het component dat in je oor gaat) die als schuim langzaam uitzetten in je oor. Die laten iets meer omgevingsgeluid door en zijn ook nog eens heel comfortabel. 

Er zitten 2 microfoon openingen in elke oordop. En natuurlijk zit in elk oordopjes (links en rechts) een microfoon. Al met al ben je zeer goed te verstaan met deze oordopjes. 

Operating the wireless earbuds 

The SoundPEATS Truengine 2 have touch control. And that works (just like all SoundPEATS earbuds with touch control) fine!

However, the narrow shape makes it a bit more difficult to find the touch. But that's something you should get used to for a short while. Incidentally, with each version you need wireless earbuds a short time to get used to.

Operation: 7

The reason we do not rate the touch control higher is that you cannot personalize the control. So you cannot determine which action is behind which control. With some earphones you can set everything yourself with an app. Think of brands like Jabra and QCY. SounPEATS still lags behind there.

How does the touch control of the SoundPEATS Truengine 2 work?

Left Right
1x Volume down Volume up
2x Music: pauze/play
Calling: pick up/ hang up
Music: pauze/play
Calling: pick up/ hang up
3x Voice assist/ Siri Voice assist/ Siri
1.5 sec. Last song/ video Next song/ video

4+ sec.

Turn off/ turn on Turn off/ turn on

The controls almost never let you down. When you put your finger on the earbud, they respond. Period. Great touch control!

Battery: How long do they work?

The charging case of the SoundPEATS Truengine 2 has a battery capacity of 500 mAh. That is exactly the same as the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE and Truengine SE. Nothing special in that respect.

SoundPEATS Truengine 2 batterij oplaadcase

Truengine 2: wireless charging

Where these earbuds do differ from their brothers is the fact that you can charge the Truengine 2 wirelessly. At the time of writing, these are the only SoundPEATS earbuds that can be charged wirelessly. That is a nice advantage. Is wireless charging an absolute must? Then go for this Truengine 2.

Conclusion: are the Truengine 2 a good purchase?

Result (0-10)
Sound quality 7.5
Microphone 7.5
Fit 8
Battery 8
Operation 7
Stability 8


The SoundPEATS Truengine 2 are great for anyone who likes a strong bass. 

  • want to use the earbuds while exercising or exercising
  • a good microphone is important
  • want to charge wirelessly
  • wants a little more quality than with budget earphones


Truengine 2 vs. Truengine 3 SE

SoundPEATS Truengine 3SE

 The Truengine is slightly more expensive than the 3 SE. This is especially noticeable in a few extras. The Truengine 2 has more bass (low tones), wireless charging, ear fins so that they stay in place. The 3 SE is more for the bass enthusiast. The 3 SE is more for the balanced sound.

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