Haylou GT2 review: Best cheap wireless earbuds?

The Haylou GT2 TWS Bluetooth earbuds are growing in popularity. This is partly because they are super cheap wireless earphones. You already have these earphones at home for 15 euros. In this review you will find out of the GT2 offered with paid earphones a good purchase.

Sound of the Haylou GT2 

The earbuds have a fairly good sound. Since the earbuds are so small and light, you don't expect a heavy sound. The low tones come out more than we thought when we had the earbuds in our hand, but there is definitely room for improvement.

The GT2 are remarkably stable. The sound has no stuttering. There is nothing to criticize about the connection in that respect. We miss the really full sound. But for the 15 euros you pay, we understand that this is the best possible.

Verpakking Haylou GT2 review Eardopes
The packaging came to us battered, but the Haylou GT2 themselves were in beautiful condition.

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Microphone: can you make good calls with the GT2?

You can be heard clearly during the call. We have done several tests with this. However, the sound is somewhat flat. But not disturbing and no worse than it is normally through a normal phone.

Where most wireless earphones are put to the test is when there is some ambient noise. Then the microphones often cannot pick up the voice correctly. That is certainly the case with this Haylou GT2. You are really hard to understand when you are in a noisy environment.

Haylou GT2 bluetooth oordopjes review Eardopes

The handy thing about wireless earbuds is that you can call people and keep busy at the same time. You are not literally kept on a leash;) But with this Haylou GT2 you cannot do the dishes, vacuum clean or cycle while on the phone. Because then your conversation partner quickly becomes irritated.

"What do I hear ?!"

In any case, we notice that bluetooth earbuds have less good microphones. Also the more expensive segment of 100 euros and more expensive. Do you have earbuds with a mega good phone? Let us know in the comments below.

Operation of the earbuds

Buttons. The Haylou GT2 has no touch control, but buttons on the wireless earphones. And that is a logical choice. They had to cut back somewhere in production to get the cheap price. And to be honest, we are quite a fan of earbuds with buttons. Buttons never let you down. Touch control is.

Haylou GT2 oordopjes knopjes tws eardopes
The buttons work fine and logically.

The various controls behind the buttons are logical and handy. See a summary here.

Opration: music and video controls

  • 1x left or right = pause
  • 2x left = previous track
  • 2x right = next track
  • 3x left = voice assist / siri

Operation: calling

  • 1x left or right = record or hang up
  • Press for 1.5 seconds = reject call

Charging box: a good job

kabeltje in doosje van Haylou GT2 oordopjes review
Here you can clearly see how the cable is processed in the box. Useful!

We are a fan of the charging box of the Haylou GT2. And we can list many reasons why the box really makes a difference.

Reason 1:
The cable is included in the box. So you never have to think about a USB-C (or even worse: micro-USB) cable that you have to take with you. You plug this charging case in anywhere when you want it. And the USB cable that is attached to the box is double-sided. So it doesn't matter how you plug it into your USB connection, it always works. It can be that easy!

Reason 2:
The box is nice and compact. Namely 3x7cm. Moreover, the box is super light.

Reason 3:
Despite the foregoing 2 reasons, the makers have managed to incorporate 380 mAh in the box. That is more than we expected. So you can use the earphones 4.5 times until they are completely empty. In that regard, Haylou is well organized.

Does the box also have a disadvantage? Yes, there is no lid on the charging case of the Haylou GT2. Then it would be a nice addition. Although that may be a personal preference.Kabel in doosje Haylou TWS GT2 oordopjes review

Battery: How long can you use the earphones?

The box contains 380mAh. That's a lot more than we thought when we had the charging box in hand. The earbuds themselves have 40mAh of battery capacity. So you can charge the earbuds 4.5 times with 1 full charging box.

And with 1 full charge you can use the earbuds for 4 hours. And that is, in our opinion, a very good performance for 15 euro earbuds.

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Conclusion: Are the Haylou GT2 the best cheap earbuds?

For 15 bucks, the Haylou GT2 are quite a good purchase. Great earbuds if you are not super critical of the quality. But if you spend just a little higher amount for your earphones, you will already be in a considerably better segment. Certain QCY earbuds are better.

Alternatives: What are the best Haylou GT2 alternatives?

Haylou GT2 alternatievenThe Haylou GT2 (at the very bottom) competes with all other earphones

For 15 euros these are one of the better earphones you can buy. But for a little more money you have different types of earohones that are just better in our opinion. See some examples here.

Haylou GT2 vs. QCY T4

The QCY T4 has better sound than the Haylou GT2. The T4 are slightly bigger, but you get a better sound in return. Especially the low tones are slightly better. The buttons also operate better because they cover the entire earbuds. With the Haylou GT2 the button is smaller and you have to press a little harder. They also have the same chipset. You can also use a handy app from QCY with the T4. However, the QCY T4 does not have its own cable that is attached to the charging case.

Haylou GT2 vs. QCY T5

The QCY T5 is completely different in shape. Namely, they are longer, so this might not be a great comparison. But here too the sound is a lot better. A big advantage of the Haylou GT2 is that they are smaller and that the case has an integrated cable. 

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