This is how you download the QCY app in English

The QCY app is very useful. Only not if you have to use it in Chinese. And installing the app in English is not easy. No worries! After reading this article you will have the QCY app in English. Quickly view our explanation. And just leave a thank you. That makes us happy at Eardopes.

This is how you install the QCY app in English

Download the QCY app for Android or for iOS

Open the QCY-app and accept privacy statement

When opening you must first accept the privacy statement. Hmm well come on. We then accept it.

QCY-app privacy statement accepteren

Verify in a few steps

Most people get stuck in this step. And that makes sense: it is anti-intuitive. But if you follow our steps below, you will have QCY app working in English quickly.

  1. Enter email address:
    Enter e-mail address in the English QCY app
  2. You have entered your e-mail and now click on 'Verification Code'.
    QCY-app English Verification Code
  3. The code has now been sent to your email and you have a minute to verify the code. It almost makes you nervous, but don't worry! If you are not on time the first time, you can have the code sent again.
    QCY app English and no Chinese verification e-mail

    Choose 'Register'. If you have not entered a password, you will be asked to enter your password. Only then you can press register.

  4. Kies nu om je QCY-oordopjes toe te voegen door op 'Add new device' te klikken.
    QCY app English and add device

The QCY app is now ready to use!

These QCY earbuds can be used with the QCY app

You can use the QCY app with the following earbuds

  • QCY T1C
  • QCY T1X
  • QCY T3 
  • QCY T4 (review)
  • QCY T5S
  • QCY T5 Pro
  • QCY T6 
  • QCT T7
  • QCY T8
  • QCY T9
  • QCY T9S
  • QCY M10
  • QCY M18
  • QCY T10 (review)


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