The Eardopes B6 Pro review: All the ins and outs in a row

A beautiful professional sound, best tested microphone, 8 hours of continuous music listening, a charging case with 1000mAh battery capacity that you can charge wirelessly, an enclosed wireless charger. It's not surprising that the Eardopes B6 Pro are one of our best-selling wireless earbuds. Time to fully take you into all the ins and outs of these Bluetooth earphones.

Pros and Cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Eardopes B6 pro. This way you can immediately see whether these earbuds are suitable for you.

Benefits Cons
✔️ Good full sound
✔️ Best tested microphone
❌ You hear little ambient noise

Specifications: Eardopes B6 Pro

  • Chipset: QCC3020
  • Codec: AAC, AptX
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 10m
  • Battery box: 1000 mAh
  • Earbud battery: 60 mAh
  • Use: 8 hours without charging (calling/listening to music)
  • Cable: USB Type-C
  • Wireless charging: yes
  • Waterproof: IPX7


Sound of the Eardopes B6 Pro

Sound quality score: 8/10

The sound of the Eardopes B6 pro is full and powerful. Low tones come through nicely and well. You gotta love that. These earbuds are perfect for music that requires a good dose of power. Think of listening to exciting music in the gym. Or a smooth number during your work behind the laptop. These Eardopes B6 pro keep you sharp with the beautiful heavy tones.

The high tones come out fine, but the mid and low tones have a little more upper hand. Many users of the Eardopes B6 pro are happy with the professional sound, precisely because of the low tones.

During online meetings

You may have already seen it: our Eardopes B6 Pro has been voted wireless earbuds with the best microphone in a number of comparison articles. And that is very useful when working from home. Do you ever have meetings online that require you to be heard clearly? Then these are the perfect earbuds. They connect well and easily with your laptop.

Microphone score: 9/10

The microphone of the Eardopes B6 pro is the best microphone tested to date. In fact, in developing these earbuds, Eardopes went on and on until the microphone was exactly the way we wanted it to be.


With many earbuds you cannot be heard when you call. And that is a frustration that we absolutely did not want with the Eardopes B6 pro. The result is as follows:

Fragment Eardopes B6 Pro:

As you can hear, the low and high tones are clearly audible. That is exceptional for earbuds. For all earbuds we test, we record a fragment. Are you curious about the microphone of other earbuds? Then take a look at the wireless earbuds with microphone comparison article.

Not all earbuds have a good microphone. In fact, many of them have inferior or mediocre microphone. Take the SoundPEATS TrueFree 2 for example. That is somewhat the average sound that comes from an earbud. This way you can compare how good the sound is of the Eardopes B6 pro.

Frament SoundPEATS earbuds with less mic:

Fit: How about the Eardopes B6 Pro

The Eardopes B6 pro fits nicely into your ear. The round shape ensures that the earbuds does not irritate or sting, as is sometimes the case with other earbuds.

Fit score: 7/10

The Eardopes B6 pro belong to the somewhat larger earbuds. That may make them less suitable for the fine little ears. But an average ear, these headphones can perfectly & handling . They are much less suitable for children. They should take a Haylou earbud or, for example, take the QCY T7.

Opeartion of the earbuds

Some earbuds have buttons and some earbuds have touch controls. With touch operation, you put your finger briefly on the earpiece and the system responds. With a button .. Well, we don't have to explain that.

Eardopes B6 pro in ear in ear bluetooth earbuds

There are no buttons on the Eardopes B6 pro ears, but touch controls. You can pause / play, record / end a phone call, increase or decrease the volume.

Do you want to pause your music because a cashier in the supermarket asks you something? Then you tap your earbud twice and the music will pause. It doesn't matter whether you do that on the left or right earbud. Do you hear a song on Spotify that you don't feel like doing right now? Then tap your B6 Pro three times in a row. He then switches to the next song.


When you receive a call, you will hear your set ringtone in the earbuds. The music you played then stops. Tap twice to record. Are you completely done with the telephone conversation? Then tap twice again to hang up. The music will then automatically resume. In this way, the Eardopes are always at your service in the situation you are in at that moment.

One touch does nothing. That is because otherwise the earbud will always respond if you try to place it in your ear better. Smart!

Operation: 8/10

How does the touch control of the Eardopes B6 Pro work?

Left Right
Pressed Volume up Volume down
2x Music: pause / play
Calling: record / hang up
Music: pause / play
Calling: record / hang up
3x Voice assist / Siri Voice assist / Siri
1.5 sec. Previous song / movie Next song / movie

4+ sec.

Disable / enable

Charging box

The charging case of earbuds is an often forgotten aspect of the purchase. While it ensures that the earbuds work handy and pleasant for you. Of course you do not want to charge your earbuds twice in the charging case and the box has to be connected to the electric IV again. That is why it is important that the charging case has at least 400mAh battery. And the more the better.


The charging box of the Eardopes B6 pro has 1000mAh of battery capacity. And that's a lot! This means that you can use the earbuds 10 times completely empty (listening to music or calling for 8 hours) and fully recharge with one charge of the charging case.

Charging case score: 9.5/10

The Eardopes B6 pro has more battery than earbuds that are at least twice as expensive.

And if your charging case is empty, there is no need to use a wire! The Eardopes B6 pro comes with a wireless charger. That is a tray on which you place the charging case. The earbuds will then charge. In short, there is no need for any wires to use these earbuds. That is exceptional!

But if you are traveling or just if you find it handy, you can also simply  the supplied USB-C cable into your charging case. In short: what you find useful at that moment.

Battery: how long can you use the earbuds?


The charging case therefore contains 1000mAh. And that is an exceptional amount. But the earbuds themselves also have a large battery.

What is included with the B6 Pro?

Often you only get the charging case and the earbuds when purchasing wireless earbuds. With the Eardopes B6 Pro, that's not all you get. But let's start there. These are the earbuds and the charging case. The charging case has 1000mAh battery capacity. So it is a kind of power bank and protective box for the earbuds in one. With the earbuds you can listen to music for 6-8 hours after storing in the case. The case consists of 2 parts that connect with a magnet. We can assure you that when you get the case in your hands for the first time, you will play with it. on each other, on each other, on each other, apart.

Best wireless earbuds

You can easily store the earbuds in the charging case. The earbuds click into the case by the magnet and the 2 halves of the charging case also click together by the magnets.

You get a wireless charger with this product. You can use it to charge the charging case. So no wire is needed to use the B6 Pro.

wireless charging earbuds

To charge the charging case, place the B6 pro on the wireless charger. The wireless charger is part of the product and you do not have to buy it extra.

Conclusion: are the Eardopes B6 Pro any good?

Sound 8
Microphone 9
Fit 7
Battery 9
Service <7
Stability 9

The Eardopes B6 pro has a very good microphone, very good sound and a battery that allows you to use the earbuds much longer than other earbuds. Namely for 8 hours! In addition, the charging case has 1000 mAh battery capacity where the average earbud has 380 mAh. You can charge the charging case wirelessly and with these earbuds you get a wireless charger! All in all, a very good set of earbuds.

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