Kz ZSX Terminator Review: 12 Driver Hybrid technology Earphone

The Kz ZSX Terminator is one of the most popular mid-range wired earphones on the market from Kz. The brand is well known for its signature IEMs with good sound quality that even audiophiles approve of. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Kz ZSX Terminator. We'll also find out if the brand truly stands for what they are well known of.

Pros and Cons

Here's a quick look of what we liked and didn't like of the Kz ZSX Terminator.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔️Great sound quality
✔️Excellent microphone quality
✔️Good fit
✔️Replaceable cable
❌Wireless module sold separately

Specification of Kz ZSX Terminator

  • Price: US$40
  • Bluetooth: Optional | Requires separate purchase
  • Cable: Audio jack | Optional Lighting or Type-C
  • Frequency: 7 - 40000Hz
  • Resistance: 24Ω
  • Sensitivity: 111dB
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Microphone: Available with or W/O microphone


❕ Attention! You can buy most of the Kz earplugs without or with a microphone. Without mic. is the default. We always test and sell earphones with a built-in microphone.

Sound quality of Kz ZSX Terminator

Out of the box, the sound quality of the Kz ZSX Terminator is outstanding. It delivers full range of tones in crisp details and this comes to a no surprise. Its support for wide range of frequency enables the earphones to produce wider spectrum of tones.

A quick pop on Spotify to listen to our favorite playlist is utterly satisfying. Guitars, concerts, and even the bass packs punch. It made us feel like we are listening to the actual recording inside the studio.


Considering its price, the Kz ZSX Terminator is an irresistible bargain. It really terminates the competition of earphones, headphones, and earbuds at this price range. Despite the lack of functionality, the sound quality it produces is incredible. The value you get from this earphone is more than what you paid for.

Sound quality score: 8/10

On our personal experience after using the Kz ZSX Terminator for a week, we can conclude that this earphone is better than the Kz ZSN Pro.

Microphone: Making phone calls and video calls with the Kz ZSX Terminator

The Kz ZSX, similar to most Kz earphones, is also available in two different variants, with a microphone or without a microphone. If you're only using this for purely listening, then we recommend to get the one without a microphone.


Of course, for our readers who are interested with the one that comes with a microphone, we also tested the variant that comes with a built-in microphone for its calls performance.

Microphone score: 8/10

If you listen to our short recording, we recorded this audio clip using the built-in microphone of the Kz ZSX Terminator. By doing so, we we're able to measure the microphones performance. So what you will hear on this recording clip is a general performance of what to expect when using this earphone during calls or online conferences.

Curious about wireless earbuds with the best microphone? Then better check out our comparison article with audio clips.

Fit: How well does the Kz ZSX Terminator fit?

When it comes to wearing the Kz ZSX Terminator, most would assume that it doesn't fit well and it's not comfortable to wear. We understand those sentiments since at first glance, one would think that it's heavy due to its design. Fortunately, that's not the case.


After wearing the earphones, they're not as heavy as they look. They quite fit well and stays on your ear very comfortably. It doesn't quickly induce ear fatigue but the pressure from the ear tips are there. That's why we always recommend to replace those silicone tips with foam ear tips as they are more comfortable to wear and doesn't induce ear fatigue during long hours of use.

Fit score: 8/10

Similar to most Kz earphones we have seen so far, the wire goes above your ear. Not only that this helps the ear pieaces to stay in place, it also reduces its weight. Making the earphones more comfortable to wear than most wired earphones on the market. Additionally, it kind of looks cool to wear the earphones this way too, so it adds to its overall aesthetics.

Controls and functionality of the Kz ZSX Terminator

In most cases, wired earphones have limited functionality and controls. Basically, they usually have pause and play only. There isn't much to expect from a wired earphones in terms of controls and functionality. Unfortunately, the same thing can be said with the Kz ZSX Terminator.

Operation score: 6/10

Wireless functionality with Kz Bluetooth upgrade

As we have stated above, the Kz ZSX Terminator earphones can be upgraded with wirelessly connectivity via Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is to purchase the Kz HD Bluetooth upgrade cable. So how does it work? Once you purchase and received the Bluetooth cables, you will then replace the default cable with the Bluetooth cable to make the earphone wireless and become earbuds. Simple, isn't it?

Conclusion: Are the Kz ZSX Terminator good?

All in all, the Kz ZSX Terminator is considerably a powerhouse. The only downside of it is the wired connectivity. Other than that, the earphones are outstanding overall. We're not as audiophiles as one would consider to be but even audiophiles agree that the Kz ZSX Terminator is better than most earphones of the same price range on the market.

The sound quality is excellent, microphone performance is better than average, controls are within expectation, and wearing them is comfortable and fits well on most ears. Its steel protective plate design had no negative influence or doesn't add up to the fatigue of wearing the earphones for long hours. Furthermore, we highly recommend this earphones especially for those that are on a budget. You get more in the sound department that elevates the overall value of the earphones and gives more than what you paid for.

Sound 8
Microphone 8
Fit 8
Service 6


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Additionally, which earbuds do you want us to compare the Kz ZSX Terminator with? Let us know in the comment section below and we'd be sure to on it.

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