Kz ZSN PRO wired earphones Review

Wired earphones with detachable cables are the next best thing when it comes to true wireless earbuds. Speaking of detachable cables, we have here the Kz ZSN Pro earphones from the brands affordable earphone series.

As a brand, Kz earphones are well known for their great sound quality and good microphones. Is the Kz ZSN Pro provides the same quality and performance despite its affordable price? In this article, we're here to figure that out for you. 

Pros and Cons

Here's a quick look of what we liked and we didn't like of the Kz ZSN Pro.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔️Great sound qualith
✔️Excellent microphone quality
✔️Good fit
✔️Repleceable cable
❌Lacks volume control

Specification of Kz ZSN Pro

  • Price: US$20
  • Bluetooth: No | Optional with Bluetooth cable upgrade
  • Cable: 3.5mm jack | Optional lighting cable for iPhone or USB-C
  • Frequency: 7-40000
  • Resistance: 24Ω
  • Sensitivity: 112dB
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Microphone: Available in with or without microphone
Attention: The Kz ZSN Pro earbuds is available with or without a microphone. By default, most of the Kz ZSN Pro on the market doesn't have a microphone.

Kz ZSN Pro review oordopjes met draad

Kz ZSN Pro sound quality

Personal experience wise, we have little expectation from an earphone at this price range. We have tested numerous earbuds. earphones, and headphone so far and they range from US$20 up to US$300. I mean, you know how the saying goes, right? You get what you paid for. So, we don't expect much from the performance of this earphone.

Sound quality score: 7.5

Surprisingly, after using the Kz ZSN Pro wires earphone for a week as our daily driver, its sound quality is outstanding for its price. We had to double check the catalog if these were really the correct earphones and Kz did not made any mistake. We even had to ask a couple of colleague to test the earphones and to see their reactions as well as what they think after trying it. We even had to grab a couple of headphone and earbuds to compare it with. Amazingly, the sound quality is way above our expectation.

Kz ZSN Pro oordopjes met draad

Let's break down to details first, priced at US$20, it is surprisingly good. The clarity of the audio is so satisfying to listen to regardless of what music it is playing. So to speak, clarity is outstanding, details is crisp, and bass packs a punch.

Kz ZSN Pro vs QCY

In a straight comparison of sound quality between Kz ZSN Pro and an equivalent earbuds from QCY at the same price range, the Kz ZSN Pro wins every department. However, it will always come down to personal preference.

Kz ZSN Pro vs SoundPEATS

One particular earbuds that comes to our mind when we think of sound quality and affordability is SoundPEATS brand. More specifically, the SoundPEATS Trueshift 2. Trueshift 2 earbuds cost about US$48.99 and the sound quality you get from these earbuds is almost on par with the Kz ZSN Pro. However, the ZSN Pro cost half of the price of the Trueshift 2.

The only downside of using the Kz ZSN Pro is that its not wireless and it has cables that can be bothering for some. Most especially for those that prefers to cut the wires.

Microphone: Using the Kz ZSN Pro for phone calls and online conferences

Its a well known fact that wired earphones can provide better audio quality when using it as a medium for conversation using its microphone. Out of the box, the microphone quality if this earphone is excellent. Our voice was clear and detailed.

Microphone score: 8/10

Kz ZSN Pro Review

Below is our voice recording using the Kz ZSN Pro as our microphone recorder. We highly recommend listening to it as this will give you a good grasp of the earphones microphone performance.

Looking for wireless earbuds with the best microphone? We recommend checking out our microphone comparison of various earbuds.

Fit: How does the Kz ZSN Pro fit?

The Kz ZSN Pro fit, when it comes to wearing it, is quite comfortable to wear. It's pretty light which is excellent and doesn't induce earphone fatigue as fast as others would have.

Kz ZSN Pro oordopjes pasvorm review draad eardopes

The casing of each earpiece is compact enough that wearing it while making any movement won't cause it to fall off easily. Furthermore, the wired cable positioning was designed to relatively help your ear from any form of fatigue while wearing the said earphones.

Operating the earphones and its functionality 

The functionality and control of the Kz ZSN Pro is fairly basic. It only comes with a single button that only functions as a pause/play control. 

Operation: 6

During calls, you can also use the same button to record or end calls.

Wireless functionality with Kz Bluetooth upgrade

As we previously have stated above, the Kz ZSN Pro earphones can be upgraded to function wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. You can do so by opting to have the Kz HD Bluetooth upgrade cable. So how does it work? You basically have to purchase these Bluetooth enabled cable. You then attached it on both ear piece of the Kz ZSN Pro to make the earphone wireless and become earbuds. Simple, isn't it?

Conclusion: Are the Kz ZSN Pro good?

Kz ZSN Pro review earbuds with wire cable

All in all, the Kz ZSN Pro is by far one of the best earphones we have tested so far. Do not let its price fool you. Despite what most people assume that cheaply priced products are cheaply made, the Kz ZSN Pro is a kind of product that offers more that what you bargained for.

Sound 8.5
Microphone 8
Fit 7.5
Service 6

Regardless if you're looking for an earphone, headphone, earbuds, or bone conduction heaphone, the Kz ZSN Pro should be on your list of consideration. Its performance is outstanding overall and it's a kind of earphone that values sound quality and comfort over the rest. However, you must not forget that the functionality of the earphone is pretty basic and converting it to support Bluetooth wirelessly still requires the use of a Bluetooth enabled cable which basically still uses a cable.


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Additionally, which earbuds do you want us to compare the Kz ZSN Pro with? Let us know in the comment section below and we'd be sure to on it.

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