QCY wireless earbuds review: T2, T4, T5, T6, T7, T10

QCY is one of the brands that always comes to mind when it talk about affordable wireless earbuds. And rightly so: good tws (true wireless stereo) for a competitive price. Just not all. We compare the most important wireless earphones from QCY. This way you prevent a bad buy and you can be sure that you get the earbuds that suit you.

All QCY wireless earphones/earbuds

See here the overview of the most important QCY wireless earbuds. Some earbuds from this brand have 2 different names. That doesn't make it any easier for us fans of wireless sound. That is why we make a nice overview for you.

Type Year Our rating
QCY T10 2020 6
QCY T7 2020 7
QCY T6 (sports) 2020 7
QCY T5 2020 7
QCY T4 2020 8 🏆
QCY T3 2020 4
QCY T2C(or: QCY qs2) 2019 6
QCY T1C (or: QCY qs1) 2018 4

QCY T10 review

QCY T10 review

At the end of 2020, QCY came out with the QCY T10. QCY comes with a lot of promises: much more battery, even better sound and in some publications they even talk about ANC. Is that correct? We have fully tested and reviewed the T10.

You can buy the QCY T10 directly . Or:

QCY T7 review

QCY T7 review

The QCY T7 are semi in-ears . Normally, QCY makes full in-ears . This T7 is more like the white earbuds we know from Apple. But do they sound that good? We have tested that in an extensive review.

You can buy the QCY T7 directly.

QCY T6 review

QCY T6 TWS wireless earbuds sport bass

The QCY T6 are different from the other T variants of QCY. They are earbuds that hang around your ear. Some consider that 'no porem'. For them, these earbuds are probably already off in appearance. But we would still recommend that you read on. Because the QCY T6 really surprises us in every way. Sound, comfort, microphone, touch control: everything works so well!

QCY T5 review

QCY T5 wireless earbuds for sale at Eardopes.nl blog tws

The QCY T5 are around US$30. They have a somewhat long shape. The thin part points downwards when worn, a bit like the Airpods. Only these are (unlike the Airpods) in-ear earbuds with a silicone 'tuutje'. In English they call this ear tips . And that ensures a much better sound transmission.

QCY T4 review

QCY T review wireless earbuds buy Eardopes

The most recent version of QCY earbuds is the QCY T4. The QCY T4 are real earbuds : small earbuds without a stem at the bottom. In that respect they really have the shape of a cap. There are buttons on the earbuds and no touch control . The charging box has a nice round shape and is nicely compact. In terms of design, the T4 is already the big winner to begin with. Both with regard to the charging box and the earbuds.

QCY T3 review

QCY T3 Wireless earbuds tws

There is one thing the T3 differs in when compared to the other QCYs. So let's start with that. These are hard in-ears. So they don't have a silicone nozzle (in English: ear tip) that goes into your ear canal. You can compare it with the Airpods (or counterfeit Airpods ) that have a hard housing that you put in your ear.

QCY T2C (OR: QCY QS2) review

The QCY qs2 (also called the QCY t2c) is the successor to the QCY qs1 (also called the t1c). The second generation (qs2) is a lot better than the first generation. That is why we have omitted the first generation in this review.

The QCY T2C (T1S) are a pair of true wireless earbuds which are part of the entry-level TWC series by QCY. The earbuds offers a decent sound quality and performance overall including a charging case that is quite portable. in terms of connectivity, its Bluetooth was pretty solid when we tested it even if there were a lot of considerable interference in the environment. However, the cVc 6.0 noise isolation microphone technology didn’t seem to fulfill its promise. Additionally, we are not a fan of the ear piece design used for the QCY T2C.

Comparison between QCY earbuds

qcy t4 vs t5 wireless earbuds comparison Eardopes

QCY T4 vs T5

What are the differences between the QCY T4 and T5? The T4 is lighter and has buttons, where the T5 has touch control . The buttons work better and more directly. So there the T4 wins. In terms of sound, the 2 versions are not much inferior to each other. We think the T4 is better.

Sound: T5 a fraction better

The sound of the T5 has a fraction more depth. The mids in particular come through a bit better. But if you have both earbuds in your hand, you expect a much bigger difference. Especially because the T5 is slightly heavier and larger. It is a great job that the T4 with 4 grams gives such a full sound.

Sound: T5 a fraction better

The sound of the T5 has a fraction more depth. The mids in particular come through a bit better. But if you have both earbuds in your hand, you expect a much bigger difference. Especially because the T5 is slightly heavier and larger. It is a great job that the T4 with 4 grams gives such a full sound.

Weight: T4 wins

The weight of the T4 is exceptionally low. That ensures good comfort when you have them in your ears. Especially with earbuds such as the T5 and T4, the only point of contact with the earbud is in your ear canal. There is no support arch like the T6. That's why weight is important. The lower that weight, the better the wearing comfort. The T4 is a lot better in that.

Controls: T4 buttons work great

You pay part of the purchase price of the T5 for the touch control . And touch control is often a wish of the user. But as far as we are concerned, that is wrong. The T4, on the other hand, has buttons. And in that regard, QCY has made a good choice. The buttons work so much better than the touch of the T5. Buttons never let you down. And the finishing of these buttons gets a 10 from us! Because they cover the entire earbud, you don't actually see that there are buttons on the earbuds. Moreover, the buttons are easy to press.

Design: T4 is more modern than T5

In terms of design, the T4 certainly wins. The T4 is a lot smaller and the box is nicely rounded off with a more modern design.

Conclusion: These QCY earbuds are best bought

Do you want to pay a smaller amount and still have good earbuds? Then the QCY ears are a good choice. In particular, we found 2 versions very good for daily use:

Those two versions had the best sound.

We found the QCY T5 and QCY T4 to be the best wireless earbuds of all these QCY tws. Good sound and a good microphone. The T5 is somewhat larger than the T4. The T4 has a nice little box and a super sharp design. The T5 has touch controls . The T4 has buttons that work very well.

We do not recommend the QCY T3, because the low sound doesn't get through to your ear as well. It seems as if the sound is coming from a Coke can. In that respect you are much better with the QCY T5.


Do you use the earbuds a lot when exercising? Then the T6 are an excellent choice. Great sound and they are very stable in the ear. We can only imagine it if you think it is 'no porem'. In that case you better go for the T5 or T4.

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